NFL Draft Q&A: Auburn CB David Irons

Off the field, Auburn cornerback David Irons loves to make people laugh. But on the field, wide receivers who have to deal with his man-to-man coverage skills usually aren't laughing. Learn more about him and what teams have been saying about him in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: Has this experience over the past few months been anything like what you expected?

David Irons: It's nowhere near what I thought it'd be like, this is a dream come true. I've been waiting for it all my life and now it's finally happened and I'm just like a kid running around a candy shop and my mom's saying "get what you want."

ET: How was your Combine experience and what did you think of your performance?

DI: I was satisfied with everything. Competition-wise is was just amazing being around the top college athletes that you see on TV and you think "oh man he's pretty good" and you get to evaluate them for yourself, so it was a pretty cool experience. At the same time, it was exhausting because there are so many coaches and you don't know what teams are going to want you so it was pretty cool.

ET: What are you most proud of from your college career?

DI: I would say graduating from college and being a people person, just being myself. And also being one of the top defensive backs in the SEC.

ET: Are you and your brother (Auburn RB Kenny Irons) going to miss playing together if you go to separate teams in the NFL?

DI: Actually, I'm not going to miss him, I'm so excited to play against him for the first time in my life. I've been playing with him since I was five years old. The first time I play against him it will be awesome to tackle him with both hands because when we were kids my mom would say "don't tackle him, you can't do this to Kenny" because he was the younger brother. But now she can't say anything because my coach will be trying to take a shot at him and his coach will be trying to take a shot at me. So I think that will be my most memorable game, playing against him.

ET: You had the media room in stitches at the Combine joking about your brother. How much fun was that for you up at the podium?

David Irons is congratulated by a teammate (
DI: (laughs) It was pretty fun because that's my personality. Football-wise I won't let anybody drain me, I'm going to keep to myself and make everybody laugh around me and that's how I am. I'm going to make everyone around me happy. I see everybody go to the podium and talk to the media and they're dead and you're like "oh my God you've got to be exciting, you got to joke around with the media and make them laugh and have fun." I just love being around the media, the cameras, all that. When me and Kenny got on CSS SportsNite everyone was joking around and so many people thought it was the funniest show they'd ever seen. They said usually they have guys on the show that don't have personality like me and Kenny had and everyone just loved us. And that's just me, I'm just down-to-earth and love making people laugh. I'm going to have my own reality show someday if football doesn't work out. I might get Kenny on for an episode. It'll be called "The Top Ten Ugly People," so watch it and I hope to be like Oprah someday, keep my show going strong. You know, he might mess up my show if I let him on so I might have to give him five minutes of fame and then kick him off (laughs).

ET: What teams did you get to meet with at the Combine?

DI: My formal interviews were with the Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts, and the St. Louis Rams. Those four teams I met with, I was kind of nervous, most of them put me up on the board and I did very well. They asked me a lot of questions about my past and told me they were very interested in me from the Senior Bowl. My stock rose in the Senior Bowl with how tall I was and my physical abilities and how good I could play. A lot of teams, once they saw me, they started showing more interest in me. I met with at least twenty-five that sat down with me and got more background on me, so that was pretty cool.

ET: How do you think your personality would mesh with someone like Colts head coach Tony Dungy and his quiet, calm personality?

DI: I think we would be good. I would make him laugh, jump around with him. I'm a guy who's talking. Everyone says he's soft-spoken, but that's what people said about certain people at Auburn and I would just get that guy to laugh and get him talking right back. Everyone says that if Herm Edwards and I got on the podium together, that'd be the day they all just watch.

ET: Was there ever a point in your life when you were shy?

DI: When it came to girls going into high school that's when I was shy. I was pretty shy, I didn't know how to speak to them, my dad would say "girls are bad for you, they're like monsters," so I was scared to approach them. I didn't know what to say so I tried to stay away from them. Then you've got my brother, not one of the prettiest guys in the world and he scared them all off anyway, so that took care of that (laughs).

ET: What did you do on your Pro Day?

DI: I did position drills, I did very well on my position drills. I stood on everything I did at the Combine and just did my position drills and after that teams were talking to my agent about bringing me in for a personal workout. I worked out already for the New England Patriots and I'm also supposed to meet with the Falcons and the Buccaneers.

ET: Who worked you out when you worked out for New England?

DI: They had the defensive backs coach, and he said they had just converted him as the wide receiver coach. And there was another coach out there, I forgot his name, I forgot most of they guys names because there were so many people. I know he was the defensive back coach last year, he said he was the guy who the last three or four years…all the defensive backs they drafted were because of him. So I wanted to make a big statement, if he sees me, maybe I can spark his eye a little bit, maybe they can steal me in the first round or somewhere in the second round; that's where I'm expected to go so I'm hoping to get that.

ET: Did they have one of the NFL coaches actually run your position drills?

DI: Yeah they sure did, a guy from the Jacksonville Jaguars was running it and also a guy from the Carolina Panthers.

ET: Did any of them ask you some extra questions afterwards?

DI: No, but a lot of guys said I had tremendous speed and they were talking a lot about my footwork, saying it's unbelievable. Everyone's talking about my press man-to-man coverage. They said they've never seen a guy go toe-to-toe with Dwayne Bowe like I did at the Senior Bowl and I was like "I've been doing that all season" going against him two years in a row and I guess I get overshadowed. But it's cool because I want to be that guy on draft weekend that they say "why did they pick him at this spot? I thought he was going in a later round" and I'll be like "that's because I'm the real deal, that's why (laughs)." I want to be able to say that to Mel Kiper and to Mike Mayock, because they've got some other guys in front of me.

ET: So have you and Kenny been talking about who's going to be drafted first?

DI: I told Kenny that he might go in the draft before me, but I'm going to hear my name called in the second round. As long as I'm called in the second round, I'm the happiest kid alive. If you take me in the second round I'm going to make sure you have the steal of the draft right there, I promise you that. I want the general manager and owner to be dancing, and everyday I'm going to come out to play.

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