NFL Draft Q&A With Aaron King

After a successful outing at the Combine and at his Pro Day, UTEP long-snapper Aaron King believes there's a roster spot for him at the NFL level. Learn more about him and which teams have been showing some interest in him in this exclusive interview with's Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson: You're the long-snapper for your team, but you actually played a lot of different positions during your high school career...

Aaron King: I was a linebacker and a running back, and then I just kind of did the long-snapping. My dad taught me when I was in about 5th grade. In some Punt, Pass and Kick competitions, I did the long-snapping part. I played varsity as a sophomore in high school and still snapped. And I just kind of kept doing it. It kind of just stuck with me in college.

ET: At your Combine workout, you did a 4.78 forty-yard dash which is pretty darn good. I mean, that's more of a linebacker type speed.

AK: I have always kind of been more of a linebacker, had more of a linebacker mentality. The 4.78 was actually a little disappointing for me. I am used to running 4.6s, but I have bulked up a little bit just for the sake of long-snapping for the next level. Covering is kind of my trademark thing, I like to get down the field.

ET: I saw you made four or five tackles during your senior season. That can't be easy getting out of that congestion that's going on in middle there.

AK: Yea, sometimes you get a break and sometimes it's tricky. But we had a pretty good scheme as far as coverage. Everyone takes their own lanes and spreads out. So I am able to just keep my lane and get downfield pretty easily.

ET: Aaron, in your training and conditioning for your job, what's most important?

AK: I would say arm conditioning, just kind of keeping your arms in shape so that your elbow doesn't get sore. I like to throw a lot in the offseason. I don't snap a whole lot, but I do throw a lot. So I just make sure that my elbow, my arms and shoulder are all in shape so I can snap as much as I need to in the season.

ET: I saw you broke a finger last spring right before your senior year. How did you do that?

AK: That was kind of embarrassing (laughs). I got it caught in my locker door on my way out to practice on the second day of spring ball. That was the start to a series of bad events that spring. I got hurt a couple of times and all incidents were fluke accidents.

ET: What else should people know about you as a person Aaron?

AK: I love sports. I am a big sports fan. Family and friends are really all I need. I like to just hang out with my friends and have a good time and relax. If football doesn't work out, I'd like to try and bobsled if possible.

ET: Really?

AK: Yea, that's my backup plan.

ET: You want to do that where you try to compete at an Olympic level or just for fun as a hobby?

AK: Yea, I want to try and go to the Olympics. My dad was the push coach for the U.S. skeleton team in Salt Lake City. I have met a lot of people like Tristan Gale, a gold medalist, who is one of my best friends. I just found interest in it and I think it's something I could do. If football doesn't work out, I would love to try and pursue bobsled at a high level.

ET: Have you actually tried it?

AK: You know, I haven't been on the ice, but, a lot of the training that you do for the bobsled is a lot of power training. I wouldn't actually have to drive the car, so my speed training and power training would convert pretty easily into bobsledding.

ET: Have you or your agent been hearing from any teams since your Pro Day has been over?

AK: Yea, I have done a couple of personal workouts. I worked out for the Steelers and Jaguars and I'm going to the Dallas Cowboys for a Pro Day they are having.

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