7 Points With TE Jonny Harline

Does your favorite NFL team need a big red zone target? Then meet Jonny Harline, BYU's play-making tight end who's caught 17 touchdown passes over the last two seasons. Learn more about him in this exclusive interview with Scout.com's Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson:  What have you been doing the last couple of weeks?  

Jonny Harline:  I've just been trying to finish up school. I got finals coming up right now, so I've been doing that and then just after my Pro Day just trying to stay in shape and trying to get ready for camps and things like that.

ET:  What do you think is the real difference-maker-- when people look at film of you-- that's going to make them want to pick you on draft day?

JH:  I hope that they look at some plays I've been able to make.  I have the ability to make big plays if our team needs it, if things aren't going so well.  I like to be the guy to step up and do something about it.

ET:  After the catch, are you a long-strider or are you a guy trying to put the moves on defensive players?

JH:  I'm probably a long-strider.  Yeah, once I get out in front of everyone, I've never been caught from behind in my life...

ET:  Talk about your quarterback John Beck and the teamwork the two of you developed over the years...

JH:  John did an amazing job this year.  I just think he really stepped up with his confidence and leadership this year.  Quarterback is the most important position on offense probably and what he's able to do, all the work he put in definitely paid off.

Jonny Harline scores a touchdown against Oregon (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
ET:  You had 63 catches with five touchdowns as a junior, then pulled in 12 touchdowns as a senior.  What was the big difference for you between those two seasons?

JH: I think a big part of it was coincidence to start out with.  I kind of just was the guy open in the end zone a few times.  And then this year I think John looked
for me a little bit more maybe down in the red zone.  I think I became better at running with the ball after the catch.  I had a couple longer touchdowns this year
and that was a pretty good feeling to be able to not just catch it in the end zone, but get it and then run a ways to get in.

ET:  You've got a reputation for being a guy who's not afraid to fight for the ball or catch it in traffic. You're not afraid to mix it up and claim it, are you?

JH:  No, definitely not. I'm just really competitive, especially when the ball is up in the air.  It's a pretty obvious situation where you're either going to win or lose.  I think that puts some incentive in there for me.

ET:  What do you think is most important for people to know about you as a person?

JH:  As a person?  It's kind of hard to sum up myself in just a little bit. You know, I generally just try to be a good guy and treat people right, help them out if I can.  A and I really enjoy just relaxing with my wife and hanging out with her and maybe some of my friends as well.

Learn more about Jonny Hairline by visiting his player profile page.  And Scout.com subscribers can check back Sunday evening for our exclusive NFL Draft Q&A with Jonny where he'll talk about teams that have shown interest in him, being named MVP of the Las Vegas Bowl and more!

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