NFL Draft Q&A With DE Chris Frome

Notre Dame DE Chris Frome wraps up his interview with's Ed Thompson by talking about the strengths he'll add to an NFL team, his Pro Day workouts and who's been ringing his phone as of late.

ET: Talk about your Pro Days. What did you do out there that should've caught the attention of the coaches and scouts that were in attendance?

CF: Our first Pro Day I was able to do everything except for the drills. We didn't do drills that first day because our D-line didn't come until the second day. The first day, I felt really great about my broad jump, my strength, the 225 bench went pretty well for me, I think I got 25 out of 26. On the 3-cone I think I was under 7 (seconds) and my shuttle I was in the 4.3s, so I was happy with that. My 40, I could've done a little better, so I ran that over at the second Pro Day. I think I was in the high 4.8s and I would've liked to see that come down. The drills went really well for me from what some of the coaches I talked to said. I've never been worked so hard as I was at that second Pro Day--we had five d-linemen working out. I think there were about six or seven D-line coaches there from the NFL and they wanted to work us so, that's what we were there for. It was a good time and think I helped myself out a little.

ET: Tell me a little more about what those coaches complimented you on and who made those compliments?

CF: I was just talking with a coach from the Jaguars this week and he said from being on the field, what it comes down to is hustle on the defensive side and I guess I was able to run around with a little extra energy out there during the Pro Day. They were working us for about 50 minutes to an hour on these drills, one right after the other, so he said it seemed to show through on the Pro Day.

ET: Who were some of the other teams that were watching you during your drills and talking to you a little bit?

CF: We had D-line coaches from the Lions, Panthers, Chiefs, Browns, and a couple of Jets' coaches. We had a lot of different coaches there so that's great. That another good thing about this school, you get a lot of exposure with all the players coming out.

ET: You mentioned you heard from Jacksonville this week. Have you heard from any other teams that have been calling you?

CF: Let's see, I've been talking with the Jets, the Browns, Jacksonville, the Ravens and a couple more guys, but yeah, I'm really looking forward to everything.

ET: What do you think your strengths are as a defensive end against the run versus the pass?

CF: I'm huge on technique. Our first coach, Coach Mattison under Willingham, he really helped me along with that--he's the D-line coach with Florida this year. When it comes to run, you've got to play the technique, you have to know your responsibility and leverage. Leverage is a huge key. Knowing where the defense is, where your strengths and weaknesses are and where your help is. As far as pass, it's just a mad rush to the quarterback. We tried to mix it up a little bit, but overall it's a will to get to the quarterback and get there as fast as you can. It was a lot of fun this year; we were able to do a lot of different things. But as far as pass goes it's just desire. It's like a controlled rage but when you get to the run side of it you have to know where help is and know your responsibilities and that's what it comes down to.

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