NFL Draft Blog: April 28th

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9:30 PM ET
At our Pittsburgh site, Jim Wexell thinks Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is going to regret saying that the team's number one draft pick--LB Lawrence Timmons--has "some Derrick Brooks qualities." Wexell says, "He [Brooks] also went to Florida State, and so the onus is on Timmons: When will you be Derrick Brooks?" Read the whole story at our Steelers site.

Our Raiders' site has tight end Zach Miller's press conference audio. subscribers can check it out by clicking this link.

Ken Palmer reports that the Giants tried to trade up in the first round for Darrelle Revis or Leon Hall, but were happy to have Aaron Ross still on the board when they finally got to pick at No. 20. Read more about it at our Giants site.

9:10 PM ET
While San Diego's top pick, WR Craig Davis, was one of the real surprise picks of the first round, Michael Lombardo at our Chargers site likes the pick and believes he'll step in immediately as the team's No. 3 receiver. subscribers can read all about him here.

8:40 PM ET
Our San Francisco site has a Q&A feature up on their top draft pick, Mississippi LB Patrick Willis who has already set high expectations for his NFL career. "Today is the first day and I thank all the people that got me to this point and I just want to continue to press harder and continue to do well and someday be a Hall of Fame player, that's my next goal," he said.

7:45 PM ET
The stories are rolling in from all over the NFL Network. And we've started catching up with a few of the players that have been selected, including the Rams' Adam Carriker and Carolina's Jon Beason. Later tonight we'll have some audio up with their reaction to their selection and a message for the fans in their new cities.

At our Redskins site, John Keim reports that "Coach Joe Gibbs said he did not receive any serious trade proposals, despite what the team considered was its dream scenario. With both Brady Quinn and Adrian Peterson still on the board, they had hoped someone would want to trade up to take one." Read all about it at our Redskins site.

Matthew Postins at our Buccaneers site reviews Tampa Bay's first two picks in this feature article.

4:28 PM ET subscribers can enjoy 12 minutes of audio that our Raiders site has loaded up from Oakland head coach Lane Kiffin talking about their selection of LSU QB JaMarcus Russell. "It became a no-brainer...a guy that wins...he is a winner. He is dedicated," Kiffin says.

The Brady Quinn watch is over. Cleveland makes a great move and walks away with Quinn and Joe Thomas, a huge step forward for the future of a struggling offense. The deal with the Cowboys cost Cleveland their second-round pick this year and their No. 1 pick in 2008. Our Cleveland site has the transcript of Thomas' press conference posted. Take a look at what he had to say.

Adam Carriker certainly called it this week during an interview with me as he recalled
six of his pre-draft visits, including his one with his new employer, the St. Louis Rams. "I honestly get the impression that if I'm there at (No.) 13, they'll take me," he said.

Vikings publisher Tim Yotter reports that the Browns called before the Cleveland's pick about swapping first-rounders. Washington also wanted to flip-flop the sixth and seventh with the Vikings, but Minnesota held their spot at No. 7 and walked away with Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson.

2:23 PM ET...
Ten picks are in the books and Brady Quinn is still falling. In's NFL publishers' mock draft, he fell all the way to Kansas City at No. 23. Will it happen today? According to our Chiefs site publisher, Nick Athan, Kansas City won't let Quinn pass by if he falls that far.

Earlier our Raiders site mentioned that the JaMarcus Russell pick wasn't a surprise, but our Dolphins site is reeling over the fact that Miami passed on Brady Quinn and selected Ohio State WR Tedd Ginn, Jr. instead.

Meanwhile, our Cleveland site has put up their take on the selection of OT Joe Thomas as the third overall pick in this draft.

At our Detroit site, Nate Caminata has a subscribers feature on the Lions' new wide receiver, Calvin Johnson. "As first reported by on Friday, [offensive coordinator Mike] Martz was key in determining this pick by the Lions, lobbying hard for Johnson should he be available."

1:31 PM ET...
The first few picks are in. Do you think that Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn wishes he hadn't worn a brown pinstripe suit with an orange-tone tie now that Cleveland has picked OT Joe Thomas? Wonder if he brought a change of clothes or at least an alternate tie.

So what's the buzz from around the network here at Let's take a look...

Our Raiders site says that the JaMarcus Russell pick wasn't a surprise.

While Giants fans are still waiting for their first pick, Ken Palmer has scoped out the team's current depth chart situation. subscribers can check it out to see where the Giants might be aiming in this draft.

At our Steelers site, Jim Wexell weighs in on the bandwagon support for Pittsburgh using their first -round pick on Florida State LB Lawrence Timmons. "I'd buy it, but for two things: One, I've seen him play, and, two, I can't figure out where he'd play in a 3-4 scheme," he says. subscribers can get his full take and analysis of the Steelers' situation.

Over at our Eagles site, Chuck Hixon takes a look at the likelihood that Philadelphia will trade out of the No. 26 slot since they have just six selections in this draft. subscribers can get his take on the situation.

10:18 AM ET
You've waited long enough. You've said goodbye to some players from your favorite team who left during the offseason, and now it's time to restock and reload for the 2007 season. But who will your team pick?

Yeah, the anticipation is killing me, too. So while we're waiting for that first pick, let's take a quick look around the network to see what's going on.

At our Indianapolis site, Jerry Langton preps Colts fans for the weekend, pointing out that while some fans believe the Colts should use a high pick on a defensive tackle, "You're better off asking your parents for a pony," he says. "Polian's Colts have drafted few (Sweet Pea Burns, Larry Tripplett, David Pugh, Josh Williams and Rob Renes) and had little luck. Burns, Pugh and Renes added nothing, while Trips and Josh were disappointments at best." subscribers can read his pre-draft commentary here.

Who will Arizona target in this draft? Brad Keller at our Cardinals site gives subscribers a round-by-round outlook in this terrific series. John Crist at our Chicago site gets Bears fans ready for their draft with the final version of his mock draft of the Bears' seven picks. Who's number one? John's hoping Chicago gets to plug in Central Michigan OT Joe Staley with the 31st pick, saying, "although he won't crack the starting lineup ahead of either John Tait or Fred Miller in 2007, he could be a mainstay in the trenches for a decade beginning in 2008."

Over at our Cleveland site, John Taylor has his first-round mock draft up and he's projecting that Cleveland will pick quarterback Brady Quinn with the number three pick. "While this will not be a popular pick in many corners of Brownstown, it is the right pick for this organization," he says.

Will Darrelle Revis be a Jaguar? (Harry How/Getty)
Charlie Bernstein at our Jaguars site has put together his selections for Jacksonville's eight picks. And he believes the Jaguars would benefit the most if they could grab Pitt CB Darrelle Revis in the first round at No. 17. "The drafting of Revis will force the move of Brian Williams to free safety, and the Jaguars defense could be the very best in team history for '07," he says.

Whether you're a Detroit fan or not, everyone looks forward to the Lions picks simply because it's so much fun to wonder what Matt Millen is going to do to screw up the team for yet another year. But Nate Caminata at our Detroit site has gained some insight on the team's draft strategy and outlines it in this feature article. "Lions' GM Matt Millen and the team's scouting department are content with whatever talent will be available at No. 2, and have apparently (enter smokescreen warning here) settled on one name: Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson," he says. Check out the blockbuster trade offer that one of Caminata's sources says would be required for Detroit to trade down.

Ever wonder what goes into preparing for all the action inside a War Room on draft day? Former NFL fullback and assistant coach for the Packers, Harry Sydney gives subscribers a unique peak inside from his first-hand experience at our Packers site. "Scouts will have talked to scouts to see if the board needs to be adjusted based on any late bloomers or whether anyone has lost steam because of injuries or problems," he says. "They will even go over who the players' agents are because, believe it or not, some teams don't want to deal with certain agents."

Trade talk is the current buzz at our Miami site, with the anticipation of a possible draft weekend trade for Chiefs QB Trent Green. But Alain Poupart points out some other potential trade scenarios in this subscribers feature. Tim Yotter at our Minnesota site provides subscribers with a position-by-position overview of the players that Vikings Update learned had visited, interviewed or worked out over the past few months. Check it out to see if they've been looking at some of the prospects you've been hoping will land with your favorite teams.

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