7 Points With LB Rufus Alexander

Prior to the NFL Draft, Oklahoma LB Rufus Alexander answered a few questions from Scout.com's Ed Thompson. Here's what he had to say about the kind of player and teammate he is, what he's most proud of from his college career and more...

Ed Thompson: As you've been talking to coaches and scouts over the past few months, what did you let them to know about you as a player and as a person?

RA: As a player, I let them know that I was a competitor, that I love to compete and play the game of football. I am not going to be a guy that can go out there and run a fast forty or anything like that, but you put me on the field, and I will tackle the guy with the ball. I can do that with the best of them. As a person, I am just a homebody type of guy that loves to play football and I am going to mesh well with the fans. I am going to be a fan guy, a team guy, a guy that goes out there and wants to do a lot for my team.

ET: Rufus, you've got some real playmaker stats and yet you talk about the fact that it's not necessarily your straight-line speed that helps you be so effective. So what is it that you bring to the table that allows you to be so successful out there on the field?

RA: I think it's just really having an overall understanding of the defense that you play in. Just being assertive puts you in position to make plays. You don't have to always be the fastest guy out there, but if you are a smart guy it will help you get there ten times faster than what your natural speed is.

ET: I noticed during your career you had sixteen pass deflections. Describe your skill as a pass defender.

RA: I have great quickness for a guy that is going to come out there and try to put a move on you and make plays away from you. I've got good short area quickness. I have the ability to understand coverages, understand where to be and where to play at.

ET: After you had your ACL injury back in 2003, you really didn't miss any time again, did you?

RA: No, not at all. It was a tough time but I really haven't gotten any injuries or anything like that. It was just a long recovery back from that.

ET: What are you most proud of from your college years?

RA: I have had a chance to play for the great University of Oklahoma and be a captain. It's not every day a guy gets to come to the University of Oklahoma and be a captain. I was a team leader. That and I went out there and made a lot of plays to help my team to win and had fun doing it. I have gotten the opportunity to be coached by some of the best coaches out there. I had a great experience with the fans of Oklahoma. They have been nothing but supportive, they are class act fans. My experience here at Oklahoma has just been a great one and I would just love to have another year, but unfortunately I have to move on to other things.

ET: Rufus, you sound like a really upbeat and fun guy. Is that the kind of response I would get from your teammates if I said 'What kind of guy is Rufus Alexander in the locker room?'

RA: They would say the same thing. I'm a guy that always jokes around when it is time to joke and is serious when it is time to be serious. A guy who is real vocal on the team. A guy who knows his stuff and would help the young guys get it on defense. A guy that was smart and would help other people on and off the field.

ET: Rufus, is there anything else I can share with the fans that they should know about you?

RA: Whatever they need to know, you can ask me. I just love to play football and just love to talk to fans. Anything I could do to satisfy them. You know, I don't mind signing autographs all day, every day.

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