NFL Rookie Reaction: Adam Carriker Audio

Not long after he learned that he was the top choice of the Rams, Adam Carriker spoke with's Ed Thompson about what his day was like and what he wanted to tell St. Louis fans.

The number thirteen pick overall in the 2007, former Nebraska defensive end Adam Carriker was obviously thrilled to be joining the St. Louis Rams.

"The waiting? I wasn't too bad until we got to pick eleven when the Niners came up, because I knew anytime after that I was fair game" he said. "So I got a little anxious after that, and when the Rams came up I had a very good idea that they were going to take me." subscribers can listen to this 3-minute audio clip where Adam talks about getting the phone call and what he was doing before and after he learned that he was a St. Louis Ram. And he even has a personal message to share with St. Louis fans at the end. Just click the link below:

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