The NFL Blog: April 30, 2007

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The big question swirling in Miami anymore isn't the decision to pick Ted Ginn, Jr. over Brady Quinn, it's the health of Ginn's foot after his admission that he's going to be wearing a protective boot for the next few weeks. Alain Poupart has more on this story for our subscribers.

The defending NFC Champions, the Chicago Bears, added nine players through the draft this weekend. John Crist gives you a quick, yet insightful overview of what each player brings to an already talented roster of players.

As usual, there are opinions on both sides of the ledger about how Matt Millen did managing this year's draft selections in Detroit. At our Lions site, James Cook says, "Some think the glass is half empty, some half full. I see Millen as having drank half of someone else's glass." subscribers can find out more about that intriguing comment and the Lion's draft performance at our Detroit site.

You'll have to excuse them for being just a bit giddy in Cleveland right now, but you have to admit that the Browns appear to be one of the big winners in this year's draft. Shocking pundits everywhere with their selection of Joe Thomas instead of Brady Quinn, Cleveland successfully pulled off the trade that brought Quinn in later in the round, saving them money on a prospect who's less of a sure-thing than Thomas, and then added UNLV and former USC cornerback Eric Wright with their next pick. Fred Greetham was at Browns headquarters this weekend and wrote up this feature at our Browns site on "the big three" in Cleveland.

Oklahoma State's Ryan McBean (AP Photo/Al Goldis)
Over at our Steelers site, Jim Wexell grades out Pittsburgh's draft. One pick he really liked was Oklahoma State defensive tackle Ryan McBean. "McBean's no Orien Harris – a talented guy with no motor," he says. "No, he's a guy who grew up in poverty and has nothing but football. This is one hungry kid with a sleek frame and good wheels." subscribers can read his full analysis at our Pittsburgh site.

One of the big stories of the weekend was the trade of WR Randy Moss from Oakland to New England, and Denis Savage at our Raiders' site says good riddance. "Moss wasn't the answer in Oakland. He was the problem," he says. subscribers can check out his commentary on the brief Randy Moss era in Oakland.

At our Packers site, Todd Korth had a mixed reaction to the team's selections on Day Two of the draft. "Whether or not the Packers became a better team is up for debate, but [GM Ted] Thompson said he was pleased with his selections, despite getting beat out by New England to acquire wide receiver Randy Moss from the Oakland Raiders," Korth says. "The Packers also watched as their NFC North opponents loaded up with some offensive weapons." subscribers can take a look at Korth's analysis of the team's Day Two picks at our Green Bay site.

Adam Caplan takes a look at six situations where the player a team selected in the first round could have been different circumstances hadn't impacted their plans, such as Pittsburgh's eventual selection of Florida St. University LB Lawrence Timmons. "It's believed they did so because the New York Jets traded up to select University of Pittsburgh CB Darrelle Revis," he says.

Despite the much-anticipated Trent Green draft weekend trade fizzling, the Chiefs had a productive draft from Mike Nugent's perspective. subscribers can check out his Drum Beats series beginning with his Day Two overview. You'll find a link in that story to his first-day breakdown as well.

At our Baltimore site, Aaron Wilson points out that after struggling to run against the Colts in the AFC playoffs last year, and finishing 25th overall in rushing, the Ravens took some positive steps towards fixing that problem in this draft. "So, Baltimore drafted two offensive linemen along with a versatile, bulk fullback at 6-foot, 260 pounds after trading for running back Willis McGahee during the offseason to try to upgrade a dormant running game," he says in this subscribers article. Take a look at who they picked up and how they're going to help the Ravens in 2007.

It shouldn't have even been an issue for Tampa Bay's first-round pick, Gaines Adams, but he addressed it with the media this weekend while trying to focus on the future with his new team. Due to information from private interviews at the Combine being leaked to the media, Adams was one of three players who confidentially admitted to some recreational use of marijuana earlier in life. And he wanted to set the record straight. "I was hurt that the whole world saw it," Adams said. "I don't want people to think about me like that." subscribers can read this feature article by Matthew Postins on the former Clemson star at our Buccaneers site.

Jarvis Moss at his press conference in Denver (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)
Denver's top pick, defensive end Jarvis Moss of Florida, held his first press conference over the weekend. And our Broncos site has the transcribed highlights up. Check it out.

Ryan O'Halloran still sees five issues looming for the Redskins following their draft, including their defensive line talent for 2007. "[Defensive] Ends Andre Carter, Phillip Daniels and Renaldo Wynn didn't do much last year but I can understand them not looking that way. But no defensive tackles? That's a mystery," he says. subscribers can find out what he sees as the unsolved questions as Washington continues to prepare for a new season.

Want to know how Jacksonville did in this year's draft? Well get the word from the big guy, head coach Jack Del Rio. subscribers can read highlights from his draft wrap-up press conference at our Jaguars site.

Brad Keller has sized up Arizona's roster and what the draft class has added to the team, so now he's targeted ten undrafted free agents that would help the Cardinals address some of their remaining needs. subscribers can check out his list to see if these players might be a good fit for your favorite team as well.

At our 49ers' site, Craig Massei likes the way the team wheeled and dealed on Day One of the draft to jump ahead of the Ravens to nab Central Michigan OT Joe Staley. And he says, "The 49ers then got a 2008 first-rounder back when they engineered a trade with Indianapolis that - looking strictly at the numbers - seems likes the 49ers fleeced the Colts." Read all about it at our San Francisco site.

Speaking of the Colts, Jerry Langton says the World Champions got the right guy to replace slot receiver Brandon Stokely with their first-round selection of Ohio State's Anthony Gonzalez. "Simply put, Gonzalez is as NFL-ready as college receivers get," he says. "Not only does he come from a major college with a pro-style offense, but he excels in the nuances necessary for NFL success, which many draft picks lack. He runs crisp routes, adjusts to his quarterback's situation and takes adantange of lapses in coverage." subscribers can read his full analysis at our Indianapolis site.

At our Seattle site, they did live analysis during the draft, providing their fans with analysis and stats in one article as the picks rolled in. Check out the article for a good snapshot of how Seattle did in this year's draft from the writers who cover them all year round.

The Eagles surprised a bunch of folks when they selected a quarterback--Kevin Kolb--in the second round. Get the scoop on Philadelphia's draft directly from head coach Andy Reid in this press conference transcript for subscribers at our Eagles site.

San Diego had three picks on Day Two of the draft. Learn more about them in this report at our Chargers site.

At our Dallas site, they've been digging out the scoop on undrafted free agents that have signed or agreed to sign to wear the helmet with the star this season. subscribers can check out the feature articles on these players at our Dallas site.

The number thirteen pick in the NFL Draft was Nebraska DE Adam Carriker, and he talked to me about his draft day experience and the call that changed his life prior to taking off for St. Louis for his weekend press conference. Check it out at our NFL home page.

For a quick and easy way to analyze how teams did in this draft, be sure to check out our team-by-team listing of picks with links to player profiles that include past stories, audio and video that has been compiled at during each player's career.

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