NFL Rookie Reaction: John Beck Audio

Some draft pundits and fans couldn't believe it when the Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn. But they didn't need him. Cam Cameron had watched John Beck during a personal workout and obviously knew which quarterback he wanted for the future. Shortly after he was picked, Beck talked to's Ed Thompson...

One of the surprises on draft day was when the Dolphins added Ted Ginn, Jr. to their roster with their first pick, allowing Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn to slide on by.

What were the Dolphins thinking? It became obvious when they selected BYU's intelligent and talented quarterback John Beck.

Miami, meet your quarterback and wide receiver tandem of the future. John Beck is for real, and you're going to like how this guy carries himself as a leader on the football field and as a person.

Cool, confident and determined, John Beck is going to throw himself into the NFL full throttle and isn't going to take his foot off the gas until he's accomplished his goals, and that includes a Super Bowl trophy.

"Coach Cameron selected me for a reason and I want to fulfill that reason," he said. "I want to be everything that he wanted to draft in a quarterback and I want to exceed that." subscribers can listen to this 3-minute audio clip to find out more about John's draft day experience, the other team he thought might call instead, and what happened when he got the call from Miami. Just click the link below:

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