The NFL Blog: May 4th, 2007

How Adrian Peterson fits into the Viking's plans ... Panthers rookie Jon Beason talks about his draft day experience ... was the Packers' first-round selection of DT Justin Harrell a mistake? ... more on the Trent Green to Miami front ... why Dwayne Bowe was the right receiver choice for KC and much more in today's NFL Blog!

Vikings Update publisher Bob Lurtsema, a 12-year NFL veteran, shared his insight on the team's first-round selection of running back Adrian Peterson and what he brings to Minnesota's rushing game, especially if the team puts him in a split backfield with Chester Taylor. "As a defensive lineman, this is my perspective: When they come out in a split backfield and they have two runners that can go 90 yards at any time, that really puts you in a less aggressive approach from the line play," he says. "You can't get out of your hole too quick to assist your teammates with the tackle." subscribers can read Viking Update's Q&A with Lurtsema at our Minnesota site.

Former Miami Hurricanes LB Jon Beason was at a draft day party with family, friends and coaches, but things didn't get off to a great start for him. "When it was my time for my teams to come up, with Carolina and Jacksonville, both of them traded down," he said. subscribers can listen in as Beason talks about his draft day experience at our NFL site. 

At our Seahawks site, Ryan Rigmaiden breaks down the team's draft and adds a unique twist by pointing out who he would have rather seen the Seahawks select at each pick based on who was still on the board at the time. Be sure to check out his analysis at our Seattle site.

Former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers, Harry Sydney, wasn't exactly impressed by the team's overall draft results last weekend, including how they used their first-round pick.  "No matter how many times I keep hearing ‘with their first pick of the 2007 draft, the Green Bay Packers pick defensive tackle Justin Harrell' it doesn't change," he said. "This isn't one of those Groundhog Day movie moments and Bill Murray isn't waking up morning after morning hoping things were a mistake and they are going to change at any moment because they aren't." subscribers can read his entertaining and insightful column at our Packers site.

At our Cardinals site, Brad Keller takes a closer look at the team's selection of former Michigan defensive tackle Alan Branch, a projected first-rounder who tumbled down to the 33rd pick overall in the second round. "As it stands now, Branch is already in the tackle rotation when Arizona lines up in a 4-3 defense," he says. "He could move his way into the starting line-up by the beginning of the season if he gets to work and stops slacking off." subscribers can read his analysis at our Arizona site.

Okay, so some of you who don't follow college football closely might not even know that there's a college named Troy State and they actually have a football team. Well, Jerry Langton at our Colts site provides his analysis today of one of their players, safety Brannon Condren, "the unquestioned leader of Troy's punishing defense."  The Colts' fourth-round pick benefited from a huge Pro Day workout according to Langton. "Somehow, Condren suspended the laws of physics long enough to move 208 pounds 43 inches straight up and then 11'3 across. That's some pretty impressive leg drive. That's offensive tackle leg drive," he says. subscribers can check out his full analysis at our Indianapolis site.

Chris Leak with the MVP trophy at the BCS Championship game (AP Photo/Phil Sandlin)
Former Florida Gators quarterback Chris Leak was signed by the Bears as an undrafted free agent this week. So at our Chicago site, John Crist weighs in on Leak's future with the NFC champs. "It's been suggested that Leak is a pretty good athlete and may be able to make the switch to wide receiver or running back like Michael Robinson of Penn State did for the 49ers last year," he says. "But upon closer inspection, the numbers tell a different story." Get the details at our Bears site.

Charlie Bernstein at our Jaguars site reports that the team brought in a veteran receiver this week who's played for three other NFL teams over his first nine years in the league. subscribers can find out who it is and how he could fit into the team's plans at our Jacksonville site.

Is the possibility of Trent Green heading to Miami a dead issue? At our Dolphins site, Alain Poupart indicates that it's more of a deadlock at this point than a dead issue. But he thinks the Chiefs have the weaker hand in this game of quarterback poker. "Carl Peterson can say Green is the Chiefs' starting quarterback all he wants, but that's just not the reality of the situation," he says. "The Chiefs also have the cap space to accommodate Green's $7.2 million base salary for 2007, but there probably isn't a single person in the NFL -- player, coach or executive -- who buys for a second that the Chiefs will pay it." subscribers can read his full assessment of the situation at our Miami site.

Fourth-round pick Zak DeOssie will have the opportunity to play for one of the four teams that his father, Steve, played for during his 12 year career when he suits up for the New York Giants. A linebacker and long-snapper out of Brown University, DeOssie posted eight tackles in the East-West Shrine game and had a strong Combine workout in February. subscribers can read more about the Giants' fourth father-son legacy in team history in this feature by Ken Palmer.

At our Raiders site, Michael McCammon takes a look at running back Michael Bush out of Louisville and the second surgery he had on his leg to place a new rod in it to speed up his recovery. "While any surgery is sure raise concerns, Bush's surgery was something that trainers at the NFL Combine recommended and it's viewed as a positive in his full recovery," he says. subscribers can get more details and some insight from Bush at our Oakland site.

C.E. Wendler at our Kansas City site thinks the Chiefs did a good job of sticking to their draft board and didn't reach just to fill a need.  And he liked the selection of LSU's Dwayne Bowe even though Tennessee's Robert Meachem was still available. "Watching Bowe on film, he's every bit of Terrell Owens on the field. Big, strong, with dazzling  run-after-the-catch skills. Owens has opened up every offense he's ever played in. Newsflash – he was a third-round pick, and ran a slower 40 time coming out of college than Bowe." Check out his analysis at our Kansas City site.

Craig Massei at our 49ers site takes a look at how the team's second pick in the first round, OT Joe Staley fits in the team's plans. "Some say Staley has more upside than any OT in the draft, and the 49ers don't use picks in Round 1 just to have them ride the bench," he says.  "So where does that have Staley fitting in with a team that already has three established OTs?" subscribers can get the answer to that question at our 49ers site.

If you want a quick-read summary of all the new faces in the NFC South and the NFC East as a result of draft weekend, subscribers can click those two links. You'll find brief summaries of all the rookies drafted by the teams in those divisions like this one on Tampa Bay's Sabby Piscitelli, a safety out of Oregon State: "Big hitter who tries to pattern himself after John Lynch and could compete for a starting job as a rookie." It's a fun way to get a snapshot of how each team from those divisions fared with their picks.

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