NFL Rookie Reaction: TE Kevin Boss

Western Oregon tight end Kevin Boss knew he had an uphill battle trying to get noticed by NFL scouts. And then a shoulder injury that cut his senior year short made the odds even tougher. Boss talked to's Ed Thompson just hours after being drafted by the Giants about his draft day experience.

Prior to the draft, Western Oregon tight end Kevin Boss had a visit with the New York Giants, and by the time he left their facilities he was hopeful that he would hear his name called by the team during draft weekend. Boss had made a solid connection with Giants tight end coach Mike Pope--one of the top coaches in the NFL at that position--in the months leading up to the draft.

On draft weekend, Boss' dream of becoming a Giant came true. His phone rang while New York was on the clock in the fifth-round and one of the team's lead scouts had an important question for him.

"It was funny, he first wanted to make sure I was injury-free," Boss said just hours after being selected. "He asked if I had pulled my hamstring getting up from the couch to answer the phone [laughs], and I hadn't, so that was good.

"He asked me if I was ready to be a Giant, and I said, 'yes sir.'"

That exchange officially kicked off what is sure to become a true odd couple relationship in New York for the mild-mannered and respectful rookie as he will work alongside the brash and boisterous Jeremy Shockey. But the 6-foot-6, 256-pound Boss is looking forward to it.

"I'm really looking forward to being able to learn from him and hopefully get to know him," he said.

And he's also looking forward to working with Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

"It'll be a little different than balls I've caught in the past from different quarterbacks along the way," he said. "Yeah, I'm excited to have the opportunity to catch a pass from Eli Manning." subscribers can listen in as Kevin provides more details about his draft day experience, more thoughts on Eli Manning, and as he sends a special message to Giants fans in this 5-minute audio clip. Just click the link below to listen in:

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