Scout NFL Audible: Titans WR Brandon Jones

With Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade gone, the pressure will be on third-year receiver Brandon Jones to show he can be Vince Young's primary target. But he's up for the challenge. Find out what's been going on with the Titans and Brandon in this exclusive interview with's Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson: What's a typical day like at the Titans' facilities right now?

Brandon Jones: We go up there at about eight o'clock and get our lifting in, then we get our running in, and then we do seven-on-seven with the team. And then we also play this little game--it's like a basketball game, but it's a football game. You put trashcans at each end of the field and you have to try to outscore your opponent. It's seven against seven and it's a lot of fun; we do it everyday.

ET: What's the most fun thing you did during the offseason?

BJ: Recently I went down to Florida and stayed at the Portofino Bay Hotel with my girlfriend. We went to Universal and Disney World and I got to ride this ride called Soarin' that I've been wanting to ride since my days in college. We visited Disney World when we had a bowl game in college and I rode that ride and have been in love with it ever since. I've been wanting to ride it again and I finally did that.  So that was probably the most exciting thing I've done in this offseason.

ET: How much time did you take off before you got back into training and conditioning again?

BJ: Maybe a couple of weeks, but you never really take off. It's cool, I finally got a weight room set up in my basement so I could work out my knee whenever I want to. So I took a couple weeks of weeks off and then we were back at it.

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ET: Have you approached your training for this season any differently than in the past?

BJ: Yeah, I approach every year differently because you have a bigger role to play.  You're counted on and you've matured more, so now it's a different role.  This was really my first offseason anyway. Last year I had that torn ACL, so I was there everyday working on that. This year I'm able to do everything with the team instead of being a spectator and getting everything prepared.

ET: How's the team handling Pacman Jones' one-year suspension? Has it been a topic of discussion or have you guys not been letting it become a distraction?

BJ: We're not letting it become a distraction because we look at it as we lost him for a season--and there's no need for us to talk about it because talking about it isn't going to get him back. We know we're in this thing to win games and play together.  We have the 2007 season without him, so the best of luck to Pacman in whatever he does, but we all know that it's a tough loss to lose one of your top corners, your return man, and your playmaker. He brings a lot to the table, but we look at it as we have to move on and find other guys to fill that void for this year and find ways to win without Pacman. So it's not much of a discussion, but we do feel for Pacman and we hope he can come back and help us win. subscribers can click the link below and listen to a two-minute audio clip where Brandon talks about the free agent losses of wide receivers Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade. And he also addresses the mounting expectations for him to step up and become the team's top receiver this year--and how he's handling that pressure:

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