Insider Analysis: Cardinals OT Levi Brown

Draft pundits watch film on players to provide their analysis, but's Mark Brennan watched Levi Brown every year as he progressed, giving him a unique perspective on Arizona's top pick. Find out more about Brown in this exclusive audio feature.

Mark Brennan, publisher of our excellent Penn State site at, shared his insider's viewpoint on Nittany Lions offensive lineman Levi Brown, the first-round selection of the Arizona Cardinals during a recent interview with's Ed Thompson. After watching the 6-foot-5, 324-pound tackle develop throughout his college career, Brennan was able to provide a unique perspective on Brown.

"He's very intense, a no-nonsense player," Brennan said. "He has a good sense of  humor, but when he's on the field, he's all business."

Brown became the first offensive lineman out of Penn State to be selected in the first round since 1996, and his selection by the Cardinals wasn't a big surprise to Brennan, who points out a special connection in this exclusive 3-minute audio feature for subscribers. He also shares an interesting story from early in Brown's career involving head coach Joe Paterno, and provides his thoughts on whether or not Brown was worthy of the No. 5 pick overall in this year's draft. Just click the link below to get his insider's perspective:

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