Andersen might return to fix kicking woes

Doug Brien may be finished as the Vikings field goal kicker, but he may not yet be finished as a Viking. That and another rash of critical injuries were the most important things to come out of Vikings coach Mike Tice's Monday press conference following Sunday's overtime loss to Buffalo.

Brien, who survived a shaky preseason, and then an impromptu kick-off after the preseason ended, made all three of his field goals on opening day. But Sunday he missed a 44-yard field goal at the end of the first half, then missed two PATs in the second half.

Enter, most likely, Gary Anderson.

"I talked to Gary Anderson and we're trying to get that worked out with Gary and see if we can bring Gary back in to take over the field goal kicking and extra point duty for us," Vikings coach Mike Tice said.

Anderson was an extraordinarily accurate field goal kicker from 45 yards and in during his four seasons with the Vikings. Problem is, he doesn't kick off, which was one of the reasons the Vikings parted ways with him this offseason. Tice, who had cut Mitch Berger when Berger wouldn't take a pay cut, didn't want to spent three roster spots on kickers, which he would have to do with Anderson on the roster. But after Sunday's game-costing misses, Tice will likely have to bit the bullet.

In fact, the Vikings could end up with both Anderson and Brien on the roster.

Brien was doing a good job kicking the ball off, and could be kept on the roster if the Vikings don't find anybody better at it. "Unless somebody cuts somebody or unless something drops out of the ceiling, I don't know that there is a better guy right now than Doug for kicking off."

Add in the fact that, as a vested vet, the Vikings would have to pay Brien his contract even if he were cut and not picked up by somebody, and you can see the scenario in which both veteran kickers could be on the roster. The Vikings would then also have the option of going to Brien if there were a long field goal attempt that needed to be made.

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