In His Own Words: Texans DT Amobi Okoye

Texans fans and the fans of their 2007 opponents in the AFC South, AFC West and NFC South can learn more about the team's top draft pick--in his own words--in this audio feature from

Amobi Okoye's used to being ahead of the rest of the people his age. And that dates all the way back to when he started school at 2 1/2 years old.

"I never really felt younger than everybody else. I always felt that I was in the right grade, the right place. That's always how I carry myself...," he said at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis earlier this year.

After starting high school at age 12, he's not phased at all by the fact that at age 19 he's going to be competing against NFL veterans who may be 10 to 15 years older then him.

"Not at all. I'm looking forward to it," he said.

But by the time he hits his first training camp with the Texans, he'll no longer be a teenager. Okoye turns 20 on June 10th.

An individual with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he always put academics first--to the point where his parents encouraged him to look at extra-curricular activities.

"That's how I started playing football, my dad thought I was fat," he said with a laugh. subscribers can find out why Amobi started school so early, why he ended up turning down Harvard, dealing with potentially awkward social situations  during high school because of his age, what he's most proud of from his collegiate career and more. Just click the link below to listen to a 6-minute highlights clip from his press conference, as recorded by our team that was on site at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis:

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