Clearing Up the Bentley Situation

We have additional information and analysis on Cleveland Browns C LeCharles Bentley.

Clearing up the Bentley Situation

A league source with knowledge of the situation told the perception that Cleveland Browns C LeCharles Bentley has decided against having another procedure on his knee at this time is incorrect.
Bentley recently saw a specialist who has been treating his surgically repaired left knee. It was the specialist, and not Bentley, who advised against further surgery at this point in time.  The feeling is the knee is progressing under the current rehabilitation process and no invasive procedures are necessary at this time. That does not mean surgery may not be required in the future.
In three weeks time, Bentley will again visit the specialist for another opinion. At that time, based on the condition of his knee, the specialist could advise Bentley to undergo surgery or stay with his present rehabilitation.

The team re-signed veteran C Hank Fraley back on March 1 to a four-year, $9 million contract who is slated to start this season with journeyman OL Lennie Friedman as his likely backup. The team also has the option of moving projected starting RG Seth McKinney to center if needed.

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