Insider Analysis: LB Orlando Huff

The Atlanta Falcons added former Cardinals linebacker Orlando Huff to their roster. Learn more about him and what he's bringing to the NFC South with insider analysis from Brad Keller,'s Cardinals team expert who watched him play with for Arizona.

As the Falcons headed into the weekend, they made a roster move to help their special teams and their depth chart at the outside linebacker position by signing former Cardinal Orlando Huff. And with weakside linebacker Demorrio Williams recovering from offseason surgery due to a torn pectoral muscle, the move to bring in a veteran linebacker was almost a necessity for Atlanta.

Huff started in 13 games for Arizona last year, posting 79 tackles. But according to's Cardinals team expert, Brad Keller, it wasn't necessarily because Huff was a dominating presence.

"My impression of Orlando Huff was always that he was the starter at outside linebacker by default," Keller said about the 6-foot-3, 263-pound veteran . "Since Arizona didn't have anyone better, they went with him."

During his six-year career, Huff has been credited with two interceptions and three sacks in 48 career starts with the Cardinals and Seattle.

Keller thinks the change in scenery for Huff could actually work to his advantage in 2007.

"Since Atlanta does not have a great deal of depth at the position and their guys seem particularly injury prone, it's a low-risk, medium-reward proposition for them," he said. "Huff won't head south and suddenly become a Pro Bowl player, but he also won't be a glaring weakness in a pretty suspect unit. He'll be what he was for the Cardinals: A reasonably solid, if unspectacular player, with the possibility of nailing down a starting job."

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