Fantasy Mailbox - Preseason Edition 6/28

Welcome to the Preseason Edition of the Fantasy Mailbox! As the preseason and regular season 2007 progress, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : Hey Freak!

I know it's early, but I'm already analyzing my keepers and working trade angles. I know your rankings may not come out for a month or so, but I'm curious about your thoughts at QB. Who are your top 3?

Thanks Freak! I love your stuff and look forward to 2007!

Mike S. - Little Rock, AR

Hi Mike. I'm going with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Carson Palmer...and in that order.

Even though Manning has definitely been the most consistent, talented, and healthy fantasy QB over the past several seasons (and, oh yes, he's also the defending Superbowl Champion)...the always consistent Brady hit the lottery with off-season WR pickups Randy Moss and Dante' Stallworth. New England was seconds from going to the Superbowl last year...and their off-season coup will have the Pats blowing teams away on both sides of the ball. Tom Brady and sophomore RB Laurence Maroney will need a calculator to total their combined TDs for 2007.

Manning will get his 30+ TDs and 4000+ yards in an explosive (indoor) offense with WRs Marvin Harrison / Reggie Wayne, RB Joseph Addai, and TE Dallas Clark. Look for talented QB Carson Palmer to hook up for a few more TDs with Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh as head coach Marvin Lewis tries to focus the Bengals more on their football team rather than the Cincinnati police blotter.



Q : Hi Freak. Thanks for your help last year. When will your preseason fantasy ranking breakdowns be out?

Kyle J. - Gurnee, IL

Thanks Kyle. Expect to see positional ranking breakdowns in the next couple of weeks.



Q : Do you have any advice on allowing trades in our league? We've never had them before, but we're thinking of doing it.

Tommy T. - Chandler, AZ

Other than your auction/draft and add/drops, trades are the only way to improve your team. Trading adds a whole new level of skill and analysis...and it's fun. My advice would be to set a trading deadline (Halloween works well) and move forward. Some leagues require an approval from the commish (or peer owner group), but it's usually unnecessary as long as you're with a group that has been together previously (it's unlikely there will be any collusion with returning owners that want to keep the integrity of the league).

Good luck Tommy!



Q : Hi. What do you think of Thomas Jones in New York? I have him on my roster from last year and already have one of my buddies (who is a Jets fan) offering me trades. He most recently offered me Joseph Addai for Jones. Do I do the deal? Thanks.

Rich H. - Trenton, NJ

I've touted Jones since the 2000 draft, but Jones won't produce for the Jets in 2007 like Addai will in Indy. I believe you jump on this trade. The extremely versatile Addai is playing indoors in a much better offense...and will put up more all-purpose yardage with the Colts often in the lead. Good luck Rich and let me know whether you make the trade!...and who can blame your buddy for being excited about landing Jones in New York?!?



Q : I play in a keeper league where we can keep 5 players and we then do a draft for the remaining players. Who would you advise I keep of these 7 players?: Cedric Benson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Matt Leinart, Chris Cooley, Terrell Owens, and Shayne Graham.

Barry G. - Cincinnati, OH

Variances are often minimal and unpredictable among kickers and tight drop Graham and Clark. Each is solid, but your remaining core will earn you a higher point differential than the differential between Graham/Clark and their K/TE replacements. Who knows, you may be able to get them back in the later rounds of your draft!



Q : I am fairly new to fantasy football and inherited an existing team to be in this league I'm in. Terrell Owens is one of the players on the team and I would just assume get rid of him after his year in Dallas and the year before in Philadelphia. We can only keep 4 players and don't want to keep him. Your thoughts?

Dave D. - Orlando, FL

Hi Dave. Despite Owens' antics (which I believe were a bit overrated), Owens is perhaps the most skilled and hardest working wide receiver in the game. And if you want numbers, Owens finished 2006 ranked 2nd overall of all fantasy WRs. In fact, TO caught 85 balls for 1180 yards and led the league in receiving TDs with 13...only one other receiver (Harrison) scored more than 10 TDs in 2006.


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