2007 Fantasy Quarterbacks : Ranking Analysis

As your fantasy season approaches, we break down the top ranked 2007 NFL Fantasy Quarterbacks. The QB Ranking Analysis article kicks off a week of '07 fantasy rankings here on Scout.com.


Tom BradyNew England Patriots In the prime of his career and arguably one of the top quarterbacks to ever play the position, Tom Brady won 3 Superbowls with little talent at the WR position. Brady led all QBs in 2005 with 4110 passing yards...only to fall off in 2006 due to a below average and decimated receiving corps. Fast forward to 2007 and the Pats have landed Randy Moss and Dante' Stallworth - giving Tom Brady his best ever group of receivers. Brady has always been an extremely consistent passer who won games with his on-field sense and pin-point accuracy. And this off-season's supporting cast moves (on both sides of the ball) for an already contending team will boost Brady fantasy owners and the New England Patriots to the Superbowl.
2006 Stats TDs – 24 Passing yards – 3533
Peyton ManningIndianapolis Colts "Mr. Consistency" dominated all fantasy quarterbacks in 2006. The Superbowl MVP threw a TD in every game he played last season and scored 7 more TDs than the next best QB. Even in losses (the Colts lost their last 4 regular season games), Manning remained productive. Manning makes few mistakes and will continue stellar performances in 2007 with virtually an entire returning offense. Peyton will again throw over 30 TDs and 4000+ yards with another 100+ passer rating this year for the Colts and his fantasy owners. But despite Manning's consistent top-notch past performances and his signed jersey in my office, it's difficult to put him ahead of Brady this season with the incredible WR talent bestowed upon the Pats.
2006 Stats TDs – 35 Passing yards – 4397

Carson PalmerCincinnati Bengals After breaking out in 2005, Palmer was ready to capitalize upon his performances for 2006...despite a season ending knee injury in a losing playoff effort. Palmer proved 2006 was a new year and adjusted nicely to his new surgically-repaired knee. As the season progressed, Palmer grooved the ball into the hands of Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh with accuracy to finish with 28 total TDs on the season (2nd only to Manning). But Palmer was not enough to carry the Bengals from the dredges of the Cincinnati police blotter in 2006. Off-field team antics directly affected the locker room and contributed to Cincy losses in 7 of their last 12 games (not helping Palmer nor his fantasy stats). Bottom line: Palmer overcame an extensive off-season rehabilitation and still finished 3rd among fantasy QBs last year. This year should fare even better for CP provided that head coach Marvin Lewis learned his lesson and distances the criminal element from the team.
2006 Stats TDs – 28 Passing yards – 4036

Drew BreesNew Orleans Saints Other than hard-core Purdue fans, very few expected Drew Brees to take a sub-500 (and Katrina distraught) New Orleans team and make them a contender...and give New Orleans a much needed football spirit like they have never seen. The always accurate Brees has an uncanny ability to read defenses and lead offenses. And similar to Brady...DB has been able to perform without stellar wide receivers. Cool Brees finished 2nd among fantasy quarterbacks in 2006 and led all in total passing yardage (actually would have done much more had the Saints not wrapped up the division with 3 regular season games remaining prior to the NFL playoffs). Look for Brees to build upon his comfort in New Orleans and build upon his QB stats for fantasy owners. 2006 Stats TDs – 26 Passing yards – 4424 BIG GUNS

Marc BulgerSt. Louis Rams All Bulger does is throw for yardage and TDs with few interceptions. 2006 was no different as he threw for 4300+ yards and 24 TDs with only 8 INTs. This season will be another consistently productive season for Bulger with the same familiar Scott Linehan coached offense. Torry Holt remains ageless and Steven Jackson has become and absolute stud...both of which will perpetuate Bulger's numbers and comfort fantasy owners who land Bulger in their draft.
2006 Stats TDs – 24 Passing yards – 4301

Donovan McNabbPhiladelphia Eagles Virtually nobody knows what to do with Donovan McNabb in their fantasy draft this summer. McNabb started out 2006 on fire with 2600+ yds and 20 total TDs prior to being injured in game 10 (on a pace for well over 4000 yds and 30+ TDs). Complicating matters for fantasy owners are the fact that McNabb was also injured in 2005 (played only 9 games) and he turns 31 this summer...and...he lost WR Dante' Stallworth to New England. Owners should understand that McNabb will put up some nice stats again in 2007...and be mindful that the risks associated with DM may be enough for conservative owners to pass on McNabb unless they can add a solid backup QB to their roster. 2006 Stats TDs – 20 Passing yards – 2647

Jon KitnaDetroit Lions Jon Kitna and the Lions won just 3 games in 2006, but Kitna surprisingly threw for over 4200 yards and totaled 23 TDs to finish 6th in fantasy QB totals last season. And Kitna was consistent...in fact, JK failed to score in just 3 games. Kitna's downside is the tendency to throw more than his share of INTs (22 last season), but interceptions should only be an issue for those leagues counting negative stats. Jon Kitna has one of the best wide receivers in the NFL (Roy Williams) and Detroit clearly landed the top athlete taken in this year's NFL draft (WR Calvin Johnson). With a stable of top WRs and offensive coordinator Mike Martz at the helm, don't be surprised if Kitna starts strong and stays near the top of the fantasy QB fantasy pile with his weapons and the offensive scheme in Detroit. 2006 Stats TDs – 23 Passing yards – 4208

Philip RiversSan Diego Chargers Philip Rivers came into his own last season, but it was mostly because Drew Brees left the team...well, that and also because the Charger offense continues with super-STUD LaDainian Tomlinson as its starting running back to serve as a "decoy" to Rivers. Regardless...Rivers is a young talented QB with an incredibly strong supporting cast on both sides of the ball. Sure...LT may continue to "take away" TDs from Rivers, but San Diego will have a plethora of opportunities for Philip Rivers to throw for TDs in 2007 (especially with the additional focus on Tomlinson). Don't be surprised if PR tosses for 4000 yds and approaches 30 TDs this season. 2006 Stats TDs – 22 Passing yards – 3388

Matt HasselbeckSeattle Seahawks The defending NFC champion quarterback in 2005 had a tougher year in 2006. Matt Hasselbeck may have benefitted from a soft schedule, but injuries to Shaun Alexander (and himself) were a dagger to fantasy owners who believed H-beck was their QB. And to complicate matters this year, Hasselbeck returns to 2007 without his go-to guy at WR (Darrell Jackson) after an off-season move out of Seattle. On the positive side, Hasselbeck and Alexander appear to have recovered and WR Deion Branch signed a lucrative contract in Seattle (from New England) to replace Jackson. Matt Hasselbeck is a very accurate quarterback with a strong arm. Expect Seattle's QB to once again open up a pass friendly offense on a solid team, but Hasselbeck may no longer be thought of as a "sure thing" at the fantasy QB position if the Seahawk offense can't get their running game going. 2006 Stats TDs – 18 Passing yards – 2442


Matt LeinartArizona Cardinals I really like Leinart this season and wanted to rank him much higher, but there are still questions with the inexperience of the young quarterback behind a relatively weak offensive line. Leinart comes equipped with strong skills, but will continue to adjust to the speed of the NFL in his sophomore season. The Cardinals have one of the best core of WRs in the NFL with Anquan Boldin / Larry Fitzgerald / TE Leonard Pope (who will see more action this season) and a versatile pass-catching RB (Edgerrin James). If the offensive line can somehow get it together in 2007 (the acquisition of RT Levi Brown should help), Matt Leinart could be a steal in this year's draft.
2006 Stats TDs - 13 Passing yards – 2542

Eli ManningNew York Giants The #1 draft choice in 2004 hasn't exactly set the Giants on fire...despite demonstrating a phenominal ability. But to his defense, Eli hasn't really had much help from his o-line or Giant coaching. To complicate the situation, Eli' poor decisions seemed to compound and often led to interceptions - and turned a NY fanbase against him at times. Tiki Barber leaves the team and will force Eli to throw more, but I don't see that hurting his numbers. Last year's 24 TDs with 3244 yards were okay...but nothing more. Expect much of the same (maybe just a slight improvement) in 2007.
2006 Stats TDs – 24 Passing yards – 3244

Vince YoungTennessee Titans Young busted into the NFL running. His 553 rushing yards and an 8-5 record were enough for Young to be named the NFL's offensive rookie of the year. He finished last season ranked 11th of all fantasy QBs in just his rookie season, but a passer rating of 66.9 and 13 INTs (with only 12 passing TDs) don't excite too many fantasy owners. Still, some owners are buying the hype this year and have their eyes focused heavily on Young. My advice is to pass on Young, unless in a strong keeper league. Young will continue to roll on the highlight reels, but the Titan team is not yet strong enough to support the young QB. Broken plays and inconsistency on offense may open up running room at times for Young, but defenses will start to contain and force the rest of the Titan team to step up beyond their ability.
2006 Stats TDs – 19 Passing yards - 2199

Michael Vick - Atlanta Falcons Vick is the most athletic QB on the board and is an absolute human highlight reel. In 2006, Vick began to learn how to harness his talent. While throwing for 20 TDs and a 75.7 passer rating, Vick managed to rush for 1039 (ONE THOUSAND
THIRTY NINE) yards...which was more than most fantasy running backs. So why isn't Vick ranked higher for 2007? Vick's lack of discipline off the field has somewhat jeopardized his career. Dog fighting and other accusations could be the tip of the iceberg for Vick. Advice for fantasy owners as of this writing is to check Vick's status closer to your fantasy draft. Mike Vick is a risk - but if he plays, his explosive potential will reward owners brave enough to draft him...esp. in leagues which heavily reward rushing yardage.
2006 Stats TDs – 22 Passing yards – 2474

Tony RomoDallas Cowboys Romo and Dallas fans would like to forget the playoff experience in Seattle. The positive side, however, is that the 27 year old Tony Romo was able to step in and start the final 10 games after veteran Drew Bledsoe struggled. Romo was an instant hit with Dallas fans and put up strong numbers to earn him a Pro Bowl berth in his first season at the helm. Romo has quality receivers (esp. Terrell Owens) and could be a huge sleeper pick if he is able to capitalize upon last season's successes. The only thing keeping Romo from a top 10 preseason fantasy quarterback ranking is a lack of experience and a new head coach. Romo proved he is a very capable quarterback...he just needs to finish where he left off last season.
2006 Stats TDs – 19 Passing yards - 2903

Jay CutlerDenver Broncos Like Romo, Jay Cutler came in and delivered in place of a struggling veteran. But in this case, Cuter was a fresh- out-of-college rookie. In just five games last season, Cutler put up 9 TDs and a 88.5 passer rating. Cutler is far from a top 5 fantasy prediction for 2007, but he is a definite sleeper candidate with potential to put up strong numbers. Talented WRs Javon Walker, Rod Smith, and Brandon Stokley combined with a Mike Shanahan offense will help off-set Cutler's inexperience. 2006 Stats TDs – 9 Passing yards – 1001 send your fantasy questions to scoutfantasyfreak@yahoo.com

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