Supplemental Draft Insider Update

With the supplemental draft set for Thursday, there is plenty of news swirling in the air as teams prepare for the event. Here's the most updated news available.

Jared Gaither/OT/University of Maryland: The book on Gaither reads pretty much the same for most teams; first-round physical talent with great upside yet a prospect with late-round work ethic and intellect. The greatest obstacle for teams is deciding how quickly Gaither will be able to come in and contribute. One league source told us most teams feel Gaither is not only significantly lagging in his conditioning, but "his head will be spinning his first day in camp things will be moving so fast." There is a real belief Gaither's contributions this season will be minimal and most think he will not be ready to play on an NFL level for at least a year, but probably not until his third season. If there is a favorite to draft him in the middle rounds, it could be the Atlanta Falcons. Gaither not only fits a need but will have time to develop under Bobby Petrino, a new coach starting with a clean slate. Petrino favors having big linemen and Gaither certainly fits that mold.

Paul Oliver/CB/University of Georgia: Things have been pretty quiet in the Oliver camp. No team except for the three we've previously mentioned (San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Atlanta Falcons) brought Oliver into their facility for an interview and physical exam. Several teams have held phone interviews with the defensive back. At one time rumored to be selected by the New England Patriots in the initial three rounds, sources have told us they would be shocked if New England selects Oliver as they've shown no interest in him to date.

Chris Patrick/OL/University of Nebraska: According to a league source, a top AFC team has actually given Patrick a fourth-round grade, but because they have quality depth at the position that team is unlikely to select him tomorrow. The Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, and New York Jets have shown strong interest in the former Cornhusker. The Jets bear watching. They are unlikely to use a pick in the draft to select Patrick, but could make a run at him if he becomes a free agent. With the Pete Kendall situation unsettled, Patrick, a left tackle in college who projects to guard in the NFL could be attractive to the team.

Mark Washington/DE-LB/Texas State University:  The Arizona State University transfer worked out Tuesday in Los Angeles. He measured in at 6-foot-2 and 257 pounds, a few pounds heavier than expected. His marks included 4.77 to 4.81 seconds in the forty, 4.43 seconds in the short shuttle, 31 inches in the vertical jump, and 25 completed reps of 225 pounds on the bench. The New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Miami Dolphins were on hand for the workout. Of the four teams, the 49ers and Dolphins have shown the most interest. As previously reported, the 49ers brought Washington into their facility for an interview and exam last Monday. The Dolphins view Washington as a possible inside linebacker in their 3-4 scheme.

Robert Armstrong/DT/Morgan State: Two teams have recently made strong inquiries about Armstrong, the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants. The Giants needs depth and upgrades in the interior of their defensive line and Miami could also use some depth.

Clifton Dickson/DT/x-Florida State: Tuesday's workout impressed several teams. Sources have told us Green Bay Packers general manager John Dorsey is considering using a late-round pick for Dickson or will most definitely pursue him should he reach undrafted free agent status. The other team very interested in Dickson is the Arizona Cardinals, who could use some depth at the position.

The league has been telling people they expect to officially announce the results of the supplemental draft somewhere around 3:30 pm ET on Thursday. We would expect information to trickle in around 1:00 pm if one of the top players is selected in the third/fourth-round area.

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