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Seattle's Marquis Weeks overcame the odds as a rookie undrafted free agent, seeing playing time as a running back and special teams contributor. The second-year player talks about his rookie season and his outlook for 2007 in this exclusive Scout Radio interview with Ed Thompson.

Seahawks running back Marquis Weeks is entering his second year in the NFL after a successful career at the University of Virginia. And he's thrilled to be back at running back after making a risky switch to safety during his senior year -- his final chance to make an impression on pro scouts.

"That was a really hard decision for me. I love playing running back," he said during a recent Scout Radio interview.  "We were just stacked at running back and it was hard to get everyone the ball. 

"I hadn't played defense since high school, and even then I played corner. I had never played a snap at safety and it never crossed my mind to move there, but I really wanted to get on the field and help out the team. So after some prayers and talking about it with family, I made the move, and it worked out for me."

While Weeks went on to have an impressive senior year, it was his special teams work that really caught the eye of scouts. By the time he was done at Virginia, he had claimed the school record for kickoff returns with a 30.1 yards-per-return average.

"That was one of my favorite things to do, and it still is. I'm trying to do that this year with Seattle," he said.  "At Virginia, our whole team liked blocking. You don't have too many teams where you find guys who really want to block for you, but I was fortunate enough to be with a bunch of guys who just loved it, and we looked forward to going out there for kickoff returns."

Every year rookies and veterans alike try to make an NFL roster by showing their coaches that they are capable of handling that dangerous and important job that helps determine field position throughout the game. Weeks knows from experience that the ones who are truly fearless -- in the face of all the chaos on those plays -- are the ones who succeed.

"I'm not afraid to do it, you can't hesitate too much," he explained.  "You've just got to hit it and trust that the blocks are going to be there. If you're worried about your blocks, you're not going to be as fast to hit the hole, because you're going to be looking around and hesitant. 

"The more fearless you are, the better kick returner you'll be." subscribers can listen in to a 6-minute audio clip of the rest of our interview with Marquis Weeks as he talks about beating the odds as an undrafted free agent, running the ball in his first NFL game appearance as a rookie, his oulook for the upcoming season and a special message for Seahawks fans. Just click the link below:

Marquis Weeks Scout Radio Interview:

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