Fantasy Mailbox - Preseason Edition 7/29

Welcome to the Preseason Edition of the Fantasy Mailbox! As the preseason and regular season 2007 progress, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : Just last week my draft was selected in my league and of course I got Michael Vick and Matt Shaub.

My questions are: Will Harrington be a good replacement for Vick? How do you think Matt will do this year?

There are no other good QB's to pick from of course so I could greatly use your help.

Steve M.

Hi Steve. Your question came to me a couple of weeks ago and I have to assume you were a victim of an early automatic draft when Vick was still ranked fairly high. Regardless, you're not the only one contemplating what to do with Michael Vick in the fantasy world. Vick's best fantasy play in the past has been his ability to run the football and put up yardage/TDs like a running fact, Vick finished 4th of all fantasy QBs for 2006. Your best fantasy play for Vick in 2007 is also to run - as far as you can from Vick. As for Schaub, I wouldn't want him as my starting fantasy quarterback.

My advice is to scour the waiver wire for undrafted quarterbacks. Remember, only 12 quarterbacks will start in a 12 team league...leaving several undrafted (or as backups on other teams). Look for overlooked QBs like Chad Pennington, Trent Green, Rex Grossman (who could surprise given your situation), J.P. Losman, Ben Roethlisberger, and Byron Leftwich - who aren't ranked in the top 15...but could perform enough to start for you. And, of course, keep all of your trade options open with teams carrying competent backups at the QB position.

Good Luck!



Q : Why wasn't Santana Moss listed among the top receivers?

Walter M.

Thanks for the note Walt.

Moss is a do or die fantasy WR...and in '06 it was mostly die. Of Moss' 6 TDs, 3 of them came in one game against JAX. He also put up 138 yards of his 790 yards for the season in that game...which is great for one week, but not so great for the other 15 weeks where he caught only 3 TDs and 652 yards over the span.

Moss is talented and fast, but he's undersized (probably listed on the roster as taller and heavier than actual). Regardless, put the ball in his hands and he can score from anywhere...I'm just not sure the chemistry with Jason Campbell is the answer (at least not enough to list him anywhere near the top). In 4 of the 6 games with Campbell, Moss averaged less than 3 grabs for just 28 yards (average) per game. In the other 2, he had 100+ with a score in each...again, nothing indicating top 20 caliber.

Moss doesn't have a strong supporting cast to help distract opposing defenses (even though Chris Cooley caught more passes than Moss last season). And, to complicate matters further, he's missed games in 4 of the last 6 seasons due to leg injuries. True, Moss caught 9 TDs in 2005 with some nice yardage...but there was little in 2006 showing he was ready to repeat the feat anytime soon (at least not over the course of a full season).

If a better quarterback in a better offense with some better and more consistent stats last season...then maybe he eeks into the top 20. But I'm not sure who he bumps out...



Q : I am in a $200 16 team auction/Keeper league. I've done some amazing off season trading because I had Maurice Jones-Drew at $2 and a couple other cheap keepers. My 5 keepers are Reggie Wayne $35, Steve Smith (Carolina) $28, Reggie Brown $12, Laurence Maroney $32 and Joseph Addai $32 for a total of $139.

My question is: how should I spend my $61 on auction night? I have to fill up my roster of 16 so I have to spend a minimum of $11, leaving me with $50 extra to spend. Should I get a good QB for $20 - $30, or try to get a RB who shares carries for $25-30, or go for the best TE ($10- $20) & Def ($5-$10) money can buy and roll with less RB depth and QB's like Big Ben and J. Cambell.

Should I keep one of the rookies I drafted?...Kolby Smith $5 or Justice Hairston $5 (I already traded Chris Henry RB for Reggie Brown before Chris Brown resigned with Tennesee).

Thank you, Greg

Greg, I love your super-Sophs at running back! And, your wide receivers are 2 of the top 5 in the league! Certainly, you've taken care of the skilled positions in a keeper league for at least a couple of years.

At this point, I think you must look at the QB position and do the best you can. It doesn't have to be Brady, Manning, Palmer, or Brees, but it needs to be someone who will get you some consistent points each week. Don't worry about kicker, defense, or the tight end position (see my comments in the TE breakdown article) since there is little variance after the first couple of players...leave these positions toward the end of the draft. After a QB, grab another decent RB and WR with the rest of your cash (like a Brandon Jacobs at RB and/or a Deion Branch at WR). Keep an eye on Calvin Johnson and grab him as a keeper if his price doesn't rocket. As for the TE, K, and D/ST, use your last 3 picks in that order.

Good luck Greg!



Q : Tim,
Just wanted to say excellent recap of the top RBs. And trust me when I say it in fact stacks up well vs even many of the FF magazines. You could teach these guys a few things. :) Well done.


Thanks Bill. I appreciate the feedback.



Q : Do you have any advice on adding receptions (each reception one point)? We've never had them before, but we're thinking of doing it. One owner suggested, but others dislike that idea. I am commish of league. Hope I can get some answers...pros and cons.


Hi Bucky. Adding reception points are clearly a matter of opinion and should be up to your particular league. Our leagues take a vote on these types of proposals just before the auciton/draft. My advice would be to highly consider counting reception points for Tight Ends. WRs can have an arguement made either way. Good Luck!



Q : I am in a 10 team keeper league and we have to forfeit picks to keep players. What are your thoughts on giving up a 2nd round pick (17th overall) for Willie Parker and a 5th round pick (44th overall) for Travis Henry. I think both are no brainers, but I need a second opinion. Thanks!

Zack - Washington, DC

Hi Zack. Trust your instinct...I don't think you do either one. I have both players ranked lower than the draft choices you would give. Let the draft play out and keep your picks in this case. You'll likely land better players and there is no preseason injury risk with draft picks!



Q : I am in a lifetime keeper league with two keepers a team. My first keeper is Addai and my second keeper is between Cedric Benson and Rudi Johnson. Who do I keep?

Geoff D.

Excellent question Geoff...and it's one that I've had to give much thought. I do like Benson and believe there is a chance he could outperform an aging Rudi Johnson (esp. as a keeper), but think you have to go with Johnson in a better offense with more scoring opportunities (if you are considering this year only - and you always want to play for the year at hand).

Here is what I would do...find a team with only 1 decent keeper and make them an offer of both players for someone a notch better. Maybe find the Maroney, Brady, Bush, Wayne, Palmer, Alexander (or anyone else you have ranked higher than Rudi) owners who have no #2 decent keeper option and trade him both Benson and Johnson for their guy.

Good luck Geoff!


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