Darrelle Revis contract update

As his holdout moves into its' second week, here is the latest news on the contract status of New York Jets first round pick Darrelle Revis.

The contract talks between the Jets and Darrelle Revis, the 14th pick of round one, are at a complete stalemate according to sources we spoke with just moments ago.

The team is steadfast on giving Revis a six-year deal, and have not budged from that position. Revis and his representatives are looking for a five year deal yet will consider a six year deal which is void-able after the fifth year, reminiscent of the contract signed by Marshawn Lynch, the 12th pick of the draft.

The Jets have not offered any such contract and do not seem inclined to do so at this point.

Considering the majority of contracts signed in the first round this year have been five-year deals, it stands to reason the Jets should follow suit.

Yet it seems both sides have dug their heels in.

A member of the Revis' camp told us there's only one way a six-year deal would be accepted; if it were a "grand slam" contract.

The inference was the amount of guaranteed money would have to be much higher than any of the other players selected in the vicinity of the 14th pick and the salary for the sixth year would have to be well above market value.

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