Revis situation at a turning point?

As his holdout closes in on two weeks and running, circumstances outside the control of the New York Jets and Darrelle Revis may force the two sides to reach an agreement. Here's the latest.

While both sides are still entrenched in their positions, an injury to All Pro return specialist and cornerback Justin Miller could force the hand of the New York Jets.

A league source confirmed last night that Miller injured his leg during Sunday's practice.  And while the severity of the injury is not known, this simple confirmation is telling.

As we previously reported, Miller's play in training camp thus far has been impressive and coaches have been encouraged by the improvement shown at cornerback by the former second round pick.  So much so sources told us that was one reason why the Jets have not budged on offering Revis a six year deal.

If Miller is out of action for an length of time, it could force the Jets hand to shave a year off the proposed contract.

According to sources, the Revis camp "is as resolved as ever" to make sure their client receives a five-year deal or a six-year contract which can be voided after the fifth year.  

And who can blame them.  

Outside of the top five selections every player drafted in round one has either signed a six- year deal voidable after the fifth year or a straight five-year contract.

As it was put to us, the Jets demanding Revis sign a six-year deal equates to Revis demanding nothing more than a four-year contract from the team. In other words, compared to the market value of contracts given to first-round picks, it's a bit ridiculous.

Once they agree on the length of the contract the two sides must then agree on money.  Sources told us today the Jets and Revis have not talked dollars and cents since they can't agree on the length of the contract.

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