Scout Radio: Kevin Boss

Rookie tight end Kevin Boss lined up for his first preseason game as a New York Giant Saturday night.'s Ed Thompson caught up with him late this week prior to the game to talk about his training camp experience to date and the why his first preseason game against the Panthers was going to be special.

Amongst many points that he made during his Scout Radio interview this week, Kevin Boss was quick to acknowledge that he's gotten the education of a lifetime about playing tight end for the New York Giants since joining the team as a fifth-round draft pick out of Western Oregon.

"I've learned a ton already from Jeremy [Shockey], he's been a great mentor for all of the tight ends.  Every opportunity he gets he takes advantage of, coaching us up and giving us pointers. He's been wonderful," Boss said.  "With him and Coach Pope -- our tight ends coach -- I've already learned more than I could have ever imagined that I would have learned."

And during his Scout Radio interview, the personable, 6-foot-6 tight end spent quite a bit of time sharing his insights on his daily training camp routine -- and the challenges both rookies and veterans face daily.

"There are some long days and you've got to fight through the fatigue factor," he said.  "Your body starts to wear down a little bit. But I try to take care of my body in the ice tub after practice and try to get proper rest at night, try to get to bed at a decent time.

But it's the wear and tear of training camp -- it takes its toll."

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