Catching Up With Colt Brennan's Chris Steuber began a weekly interview with Hawaii quarterback Chris Brennan at the end of July. "Catching up with Colt Brennan" will be an exclusive feature to and gives fans an inside look into the senior season of a Heisman Trophy candidate. Here are his first two installments to get you up to date...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chris Steuber: What have you been up to this summer?

Colt Brennan: I was with my receivers throughout the summer. I worked out during June and July; pretty much running and lifting five-days a week. I also threw four-days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We did that for the past two months. We had a break for the fourth of July, and when we came back we finished up.

CS: What have you been up to this week?

Brennan: I am on the campus of Soka University [in Aliso Viejo, California] this week taking part in the EA Sports Elite 11 Quarterback Camp. I got a chance to hang out with Chad Henne [Michigan], Andre Woodson [Kentucky], Nate Longshore [California]; a lot of great QB's.

CS: Is this camp for college players?

Brennan: The camp is for the eleven top-rated high school senior quarterbacks in the nation. They invite six or seven of the top-rated quarterbacks in college football to be instructors. A lot of times they will have some of the college players who attended the camp when they were highly touted high school players come back as counselors. Chase Daniels [Missouri] and Nate Longshore [California] were two players who attended the camp when they were in high school.

CS: Did you find yourself trying to recruit any of the top young talent?

Brennan: Most of the players participating in the camp have verbally committed to big-time universities, but that didn't stop me from trying to recruit them to play at Hawaii.

CS: Any plans for the weekend, since you're close to your home?

Brennan: Yeah, the camp is only about 15 or 20 minutes away from my home in Irvine [California]. I'll be relaxing this weekend with my family, hanging out at home, and sleeping in my own bed. I am looking forward to relaxing before heading back to Hawaii on Sunday [July 29th].

CS: When you have time to relax, what do you enjoy doing?

One thing I love to do in my down time is play video games. I play a lot of NCAA Football 2008; it's a great game. The game was cool the first year I was in it [2005], but the one thing I was really upset about is that they made me really crappy. I led the nation in passing. I had like 68-percent completion and they still made me really bad in the game. I never really played with Hawaii in the game, because they made me a bad quarterback, but I was good. But this year they gave me a 97 [overall rating] in the game, so now I play myself and Hawaii everyday.

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CS: Why did they make you such a bad player in the game?

Brennan: There's a funny story about my rating in this year's NCAA Football game because I think I had something to do with my high rating. I had a conversation with the people at EA Sports during the College Football Awards in Orlando, and I gave them an earful about my bad rating in the previous year's game. I was a little confused how I could be so bad in the video game, but yet I had a really good year. They made me slow and all of that. They told me that if we made you really good in the game than Hawaii would have been really good. I said, "Well, we turned out to be pretty good this year." So, it was pretty funny.

CS: Besides playing video games, what else do you like to do in your spare time?

I also like to hang out with my friends when I am back home. This weekend I have a couple of days to see them, so I'll take advantage of that. I had a chance to go to a couple different schools, so I have friends from a lot of different areas. I've gotten into such a routine; my life has been a routine since Pop Warner football. My whole fall season has been committed to football and my whole off-season has been committed to working out and getting ready for the next season. So whenever I get a chance to relax and hangout, it's much needed and deserved.

CS: When you return to Hawaii, what is a typical day like?

I'll get up a little bit before 8 a.m. and head to the weight room. I'll be in the weight room from about 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. Then, I'll grab some lunch or play basketball. We'll come back and throw at 2 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We'll do one-on-one's and all; just throwing to receivers to get my timing down. And at 5 p.m. we'll do our conditioning work; our running.

CS: What does your workout consist of?

My workout in the morning is a quarterback specific workout that one of the trainers put together for me. It's pretty much for injury prevention, but it is designed to get you stronger and get you in good shape. I've been trying to gain some weight and get bigger lately. I've been doing that for about a month and a half. I've been doing a lot of reps with a core workout with lighter weight, not heavy weight.

CS: When do you guys report and will you have anytime to relax or go to the beach?
Brennan: We report to camp next Thursday [August 2nd]. So, we'll probably throw a couple more times before camp starts and get our last days in at the beach. It's hard to get to the beach sometimes, but I get there at least four times a week. I'll probably play a day of golf as well, because once camp starts, there's no time for it. We'll probably start two-a-days on Saturday [August 4th]. We can't do back to back two-a-days anymore due to NCAA rules. It goes two-a-day, one-a-day, two-a-day, one-a-day.

Friday, August 3, 2007

CS: How does it feel to be back in Hawaii?

I am happy to be back in Hawaii after spending a week in California. It was nice seeing my friends and family and having a chance to relax and have fun, but it's back to work.

CS: Now that you're back in Hawaii, what's next?

We reported yesterday [Thursday, August 2nd] and we begin practice today.

CS: When you report, what usually happens?

When we report, usually guys that have been here for a while try to knock out their physicals first. The first day is basically for the young kids to get their physicals. All we [upper classmen] do, as the veteran guys; we like to get our beds. We all stay in a giant room, it's a dance studio; all 106 guys stay in our dance studio with all our cots. All of the older guys like to go and get our cots and get the best area right near the window to get a cool breeze at night. We just try to get situated before all the young kids get in.

CS: What's the first day of practice like?

Usually our first day consists of us doing a run test; everyone is usually pretty nervous about that. In the morning we'll have our drug test and after the drug testing we'll all head out to the field.

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CS: What is the biggest challenge for Hawaii this year?

The biggest thing for us is to get the younger guys on the same page with the players that have been on the team. There's going to be a lot of guys around us that are at the same level as we are as far as executing and knowing the offense, but I think this year will be about getting the guys who aren't familiar with the offense up to par. I have all three of my main receivers returning and we're looking for big things out of our offense this year.

CS: Losing your center, Samson Satele [drafted by the Miami Dolphins]; does that make things difficult for you this summer and into the season?

I really want to establish a relationship with my new center John Estes. The coaching staff did a great job moving Estes from guard to center. As far as John and I, this summer will be all about getting our timing down. I want to make sure he's really comfortable come game time.

CS: What kind of player is Estes?

Brennan: Estes is really respected [on the team] and he's a really good blocker. I'm really excited to see him at center. That was a move that just started this summer, because during the spring he played at guard. We're going to have to work really hard to get the O-Line solidified this year and get their confidence up.

CS: What did you work on during the off-season to get yourself prepared for this season?

I really concentrated on adding some good weight during the off-season. I am at 205-pounds right now. I think it went really well. What I did was at the beginning of the year I cleansed. I ate all organic food for two-weeks. I got my body to get rid of all that bad weight and that was done all during the summer. I just worked out and drank a lot of protein shakes and eat as much as I can.

Last year I was around 205-pounds, but it was a heavy 205, and I felt a little gut coming on. Now I feel like I'm in great shape. I just want to continue to get bigger through camp. The last two years when camp started I didn't really lift. I've been preparing myself everyday for this, and I am going to try to lift during the season and get bigger and stronger.

CS: I am sure there is a lot of media attention surrounding yourself; how are you handling it?

I had a guy from the New York Times come out to Hawaii and he's been following me all week long, so that's been pretty cool. I understand where I am in this thing and I know that there will be media coverage all season long. I am ready for it and the way I look at it is that any exposure for our team is good exposure. Personally, I just try to embrace the attention, because for the most part it's very positive.

CS: What's going on next week?

Things will get a little hectic next week, as we begin two-a-days on Monday [August 6th]. We'll have a couple practices this weekend, on Friday and Saturday, and we will have Sunday off. Next week is full go; it's the real deal.

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