Scout NFL Q&A: Keyunta Dawson

Colts rookie draft pick Keyunta Dawson talked to's Ed Thompson about getting his contract signed before camp, getting to know his teammates, training camp and more in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson:  Once you got your contract signed before camp, how big of a relief was that for you?

Keyunta Dawson: That was very much a relief with me. I was glad to be able to get it signed and get it out of the way so I could focus on football. Everybody was great in the front office, helping to get it done quickly.

ET:  Are they any other players you've gravitated towards as you've gotten to know your new teammates?

KD:  All the drafted guys and free agent guys, everybody who came in together, are pretty close We all do things outside of football together and in the locker room. Everyone in the defensive line group has a great relationship with each other, especially the younger guys. But even the older guys are real cool about trying to help us in even more than just the football side of it -- how to take care of yourself off the field, not get in trouble and things like that. 

Key Dawson and Quinn Pitcock
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ET:  At training camp you guys live in dorms and have a roommate, rate yourself as a roommate on a scale of one to ten.

KD: I'm a ten, I'm a great roommate. I keep to myself.  If I wake up early, I'll wake you up too, I won't just leave without making sure you're up. I'm a real clean guy, and the only thing I ask is that they don't keep me up at night and let me go to sleep early (laughs).

ET:  Any training camp essentials to make the experience a bit easier?

KD:  Just my X-box. When I have a little bit of down time for myself, it's kind of a stress-reliever for me. I throw a game on and it lets me get away from it for a little bit.

ET:  Any snacks?

KD: I really only have one special snack that I like, but it's not the best thing to have during training camp (laughs) so I try to stay away from things like that.

ET:  Okay, Key....give it up. What's that snack that's not good for you that you like?

KD:  (laughs) I love ice cream, but I've been staying away from it for a while since I was getting ready for training camp and getting my body ready for it. I love any and all kinds of ice cream.

ET:  What are you going to be focusing on to make sure the coaches notice you during this training camp so you'll land a roster spot?

KD:  I just want to show the coaches and my teammates my work ethic, be aggressive and show them that I'm always ready to work and ready to go. I want to show them I know my assignments, know my plays and be a professional all through camp.

ET:  Anything you want to say to the Colts fans?

KD:  I know they're excited about this season, and I'm going to work my hardest to be a part of it. I'm just happy to be a part of this organization and they can expect a great season, because I am too.

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