Scout Radio: Kevin Kolb

Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb talked with NFL Analyst Chris Steuber about life as an NFL rookie, growing up in Texas, and who he patterns his game after. This is a 10-minute, exclusive interview with the Eagles second-round draft pick and future signal-caller.

Chris Steuber: What is the toughest transition to the NFL? A lot of people say it's the speed of the game, but is there more to it?

Kevin Kolb: I'll tell you why it's the speed, because there is so much thought that goes into it. The more you think the more it slows you down. That's the problem I'm having right now. I'm waiting and hesitating on reads that I'd normally just fire the ball at, but I just don't want to mess up. There is so much going through my head. That's why the speed is so much different, because it takes so much longer to think about and to develop your thought process.

CS: Do you think your experience in high school prepared you for your collegiate career and your new profession as a quarterback in the city of Philadelphia?

Kolb: Oh yeah… no doubt about it. My first year in high school sports was rough. I broke a collarbone and was out for my first year.  And I started out not playing well as a junior, so I didn't know what my future presented. I think when you really battle through something you can really attribute that to something later in life and in your future. subscribers can listen to this exclusive interview with Eagles QB Kevin Kolb, and find out more about the Eagles future quarterback:

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