Catching Up With Colt Brennan

Sporting a new hairstyle, Hawaii QB Colt Brennan led his team to a dominating win during the opening weekend of college football.'s Chris Steuber checked in once again with the Heisman candidate.

Chris Steuber:  Colt, before we talk about the game I have to ask you about your new hair style. What's up with your hair?

Colt Brennan: It was an idea. My dreads didn't work out. Our middle linebacker Blaze Soares showed up at camp with bleached hair and green stars dyed in his hair. We were all laughing. He said, "My next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to bleach the [Hawaiian] islands in my hair." I said, "Dude, that's a great idea." Then everyone said, "Yeah, you should do it." And I said, "Dude, let's do it for the first game." We went over to a hair stylist and they did it right there for us. They cut a stencil out, and boom we were good to go.

CS: It's really creative. How did your teammates like it?

Brennan: In our all black uniform, it looked really good. Everyone on the team was saying I looked really tight. The islands all stood out and everything. It was cool.

CS: You guys dominated Northern Colorado, defeating them 63 - 6. You threw for 416 yards and 6 touchdowns in the first half. What was that feeling like?

Brennan: It was good. We went out there offensively on the opening drive, drove right down and scored. We got a feel for what they wanted to do and capitalized. We got some turnovers on defense and got up on them. We were able to score real fast on them and we put on some pressure.

CS: You picked Northern Colorado apart on Saturday. What kind of defensive coverages did they throw at you?

Brennan: They were in Cover 2 and Tampa 2. We were just trying to identify what they were trying to do. We knew where their holes would be and we took advantage of some things. They were trying to cover up what we took advantage of, but we counteracted. I think we did a real good job. We came in there with a business-like mentality and we got the job done.

CS: Did you mind being pulled in the second half? How did Coach Jones approach you with it?

Brennan: I was stoked, man. He pulled me with three or four minutes left in the second quarter. He told me, "You're done," and I said "Sweet." We [the starters] went into the locker room, showered up, and we were in our street clothes for the entire second half.

CS: Your six touchdown passes on Saturday gave you 99 for your career. You're now tied with your good friend (and high school teammate at Mater Dei High School) Matt Leinart for sixth on the NCAA career touchdown list. What does that mean to you to be tied with Leinart?

Brennan: Yeah, I had no idea [about being tied with Leinart]. They told me that after the game at the press conference. It's obviously a cool feeling. He had an awesome career, and he will go down as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of college football. It's just an honor to be up there with him right now.

CS: We talked about your statistics in a game before and compared them to being in your own virtual reality -- almost like playing in your own video game. Is that what Saturday felt like?

Brennan: This offense is designed to give the quarterback good numbers. I think when you put a lot of talent in a good system, you're going to get a lot of good results. Saturday night was just evidence of that. We have a veteran team back. We have some veteran receivers. We have some O-Line spots and a running back spot where we have to get them some game time experience, and that's what the first couple of games are all about. We have a chance to have an unbelievable team this year, and what's really exciting is our defense. Our defense is just off the walls unbelievable. I am just really excited about the season.
Brennan vs. Northern Colorado
Ronen Zilberman/AP Photo

CS: Talk about your outstanding receivers. What do they do for you personally?

Brennan: I have the same three starters [Davone Bess, Jason Rivers, Ryan Grice-Mullen] back from last year. They combined for over 3,000 yards and 36 touchdowns last year. You can only assume with another year of experience under our belts that we'd be able to be just as successful, if not more. We knew that we were playing a defense on Saturday night that we should have been able to take advantage of, and that's what we did. If we walk in with the mentality of "let's get in, let's get out, let's get to the next game," that's exactly how it goes down. That's good for us.

CS: What was the atmosphere in Hawaii like on Saturday night?

Brennan: It was crazy. I've never seen an opener like that for us. It almost felt like when we played USC my first year. It seemed like it was just as crowded. The game was just explosive. We had a punt return for a touchdown and a kick return for a touchdown. We scored so many points in the first half. The fans were just electric, and they were having a great time. You could tell it was a great night. You could tell by the festivities before the game, when we were pulling up in the buses in the parking lot, that it was a great crowd.

CS: You're a little modest saying that this system is designed for the quarterback to put numbers up, but doesn't the quarterback have to have the talent to post those numbers?

Brennan: I am definitely happy with the performance I had [against Northern Colorado]. I didn't think I threw the ball that well, because I think I was too concerned about making the right reads and getting the ball in the right area. I had some guys making plays for me. When we practice, Coach Jones makes practice twice as hard as the games. When game time comes, it's always easier than practice. He always says, "The game's going to be easier, the game's going to be easier." And all of these freshman kids think, "Yeah right." But sure enough, when game time rolled around, it was a lot easier. That's because he makes the [defensive] looks that we see at practice so difficult and tough that when game time rolls around, it's easy. Saturday night was one of those games where when we walked up to the line, it just seemed easy.

CS: Do you get the sense that this season will be filled with record-breaking results for yourself?

Brennan: I really don't know what records I can break [this season]. I had a great year last year. The reason that we do as well as we do statistically is because we don't focus on statistics. We don't try to achieve them. On Saturday night, I came out with four minutes left in the second quarter; I was not trying to put up statistics but I had great numbers. I think that mentality will allow us to have a lot of great success and do a lot of great things statistically. We just need to focus on winning. The only stat I want is the most wins in a season. What I learned last year is that if I have wins behind me, then my stats will look twice as good.

CS: How did your offensive line work in front of you?

Brennan: They did great. We had no problems, no sacks. I did get hit once. They did a great job tackling the task at hand last night. They got some good work in, and now they got some confidence.

CS: How does your body feel after the first game of the season? Are you sore all over or just in a certain area?

Brennan: I feel pretty good considering I just played a football game. I feel fresh. I got tackled one time on a scramble, and I got a nice little bruise on my leg, but other than that I'm all good.

CS: I'm sure if you got hit a lot it would feel like you just got out of a car accident or something?

Brennan: Yeah, I was kind of laughing last night, because usually after a football game I feel a lot different.

CS: You have Louisiana Tech coming up this weekend. What happens this week as you prepare for game two?

Brennan: We're going on an eleven day road trip, because we have two away games in a row. We'll be on the road for about two weeks. Mondays are usually just for running and watching film, but because of the turnaround, we're going to practice on Monday. I know we'll knock out the film as fast as we can on Louisiana Tech, but I don't know if we will even watch it. I hope we do.

CS: Is it a good thing to get on the road for a couple of weeks, or is it a bad thing?

Brennan: I think it has its good and bad. There is that comfort level that's just not there. We're going to obviously be out of our comfort zone; we'll have to make some adjustments. When you travel there is always something; a plane is delayed, a bus is delayed; little stuff like that you have to overcome. Then there is the time change. We'll be waking up earlier. We lose time going east, and when you come west to play Hawaii you gain time. That's stuff we'll have to overcome. We've done it before and we just have to go out there and take care of business.

CS: What does your schedule look like this week before you go on the road, and what happens when you're on the road?

Brennan: We'll get right into [preparing for] LA Tech on Monday [September 3]. We'll practice Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday [in Hawaii]. We'll get on a plane right after practice on Wednesday morning, fly out to Louisiana, and prepare ourselves on Thursday and Friday. We play Saturday. We'll fly into Houston on Sunday, and we'll stay there for the week and use the Texans facilities. Then on that Friday [before the game], we'll fly over to UNLV. We're going to have to adjust. There's no school for us, so that's nice. We can focus on football and focus on winning.

A member of the Pro Football Writers of America and the Football Writers Association of America, Chris Steuber has provided his analysis of the NFL and NFL Draft prospects on the web and on the radio since 1999.

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