Ranking the AFC Quarterbacks

Former pro scout Tom Marino ranks the AFC quarterbacks in order from best to worst in this exclusive Scout.com feature. Who's No. 1? Find out inside...

1.  Peyton Manning (Indianapolis):  Clearly the class of the field. Has all the skins on the wall and has a chance to rank among the all-time best at the QB position

2.  Carson Palmer (Cincinnati):  A throwing machine. Can do it all with the football in his hand. Deadly accurate. Best deep passer in the game today.

3.  Tom Brady (New England):  A perfect fit for the Patriots' lateral passing game. Comes up big in big games. A winner and modern day Bill Russell (Celtics).

4.  Philip Rivers (San Diego):  Not in the class with the top three in the conference … yet.  Doesn't look pretty, but I love the results. A winner on and off the field.

Steve McNair
Nick Laham/Getty

5.  Steve McNair (Baltimore):  Nearing the end of an outstanding career, but experience, leadership and efficiency are a thing to behold.

6.  J.P. Losman (Buffalo):  Could well be the most highly-sought free agent at the conclusion of the 2007 season. Live arm and athletic. Top young QB Trent Edwards is waiting in the wings.

7.  Daunte Culpepper (Oakland):  Clearly in the top six overall in terms of talent, experience, and production, but medical concerns may have eroded his playing skills.

8.  Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh):  Has size, skills, and a Super Bowl victory. But he really hasn't made a lot of progress over the past two seasons.

9.  Matt Schaub (Houston):  A lot is riding on the strength of his right arm. I like his chances, but the time has come for him to "just do it."

10.  Jay Cutler (Denver):  Could pass some players by the end of the 2007 season. Has all the tools, but is still very much a pup.

11.  Trent Green (Miami):  A class act and very efficient short- or medium-range passer, but is in the twilight of his career and on a short leash. Can he stay healthy?

Vince Young
Rick Stewart/Getty

12.  Vince Young (Tennessee):  Lots of athletic ability, run skills and size, but still has many things yet to prove between the lines. Throwing mechanics are a disaster!

13.  David Garrard (Jacksonville):  Solid journeyman quarterback with a strong arm, but does he have the overall leadership ability and skills to get you to the big game?

14.  Chad Pennington (New York):  Dink-and-dunk passer who can't throw the ball effectively down the field. Will be hard-pressed to retain his starting job by year's end.

15.  Damon Huard (Kansas City):  Back up journeyman quarterback at best. Not good enough to win with over the long haul. Won starting job by default.

16.  Charlie Frye (Cleveland):  He will start the season for the Browns, but doesn't figure to finish it with Brady Quinn on the depth chart. Going to be a long year for the city on the lake.

Tom Marino has over 35 years of experience as a professional scout working for the NFL's Bears, Saints, Rams, Giants and Cowboys along with both the WFL and USFL. As Scout.com's Lead NFL Analyst, he has primary responsibility for network reporting, the NFL Draft, Free Agency databases and rankings.

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