Ranking the NFC Quarterbacks

After continuing to evaluate them during the preseason, former NFL Scout Tom Marino ranks the NFC quarterbacks from first to worst in this exclusive Scout.com feature. Check it out inside...

1.  Marc Bulger (St. Louis):  Most accurate passer and quickest release in the game today.  The heart and soul of the Rams.

2.  Drew Brees (New Orleans):  A little big man who single-handedly made a good football team a great one. Poised, accurate and deadly in the red zone.

3.  Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia):  Athletic big man who has improved greatly over his pro career.  Needs to show that he can hold up after two injury-riddled seasons.

4.  Jon Kitna (Detroit):  With Mike Martz pulling the strings, step right up and get ready for "The Greatest Show on Turf Part 2."

Brett Favre
Jonathan Daniel/Getty

5.  Brett Favre (Green Bay):  Skills have eroded some and I don't know if there is enough offensive help around him.  The king is dead, long live the king.

6.  Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle):  A decade ago, who would have thought we would consider this player amongst the top ten in the league?

7.  Eli Manning (New York):  Numbers are more than adequate overall, but Eli still has a lot to prove.  I really have problems with this player's body language.

8.  Tony Romo (Dallas):  Athlete with raw tools, but entering his fifth season he must now show that he can function as a starting QB within the league.

9.  Jake Delhomme (Carolina):  Hasn't shown much since his Super Bowl performance.  Just a journeyman player with little upside in my opinion.

10.  Matt Leinart (Arizona):  Could well move up with a solid sophomore season.  I was a tad disappointed in his overall playing tools (ball life and body quickness).

11.  Joey Harrington (Atlanta):  Will flash, but hasn't done it over the long haul.  Impressed in preseason, but the real deal starts on Sunday.

Rex Grossman
Duane Burleson/Getty

12.  Rex Grossman (Chicago):  Bears went to the Super Bowl last season in spite of him. A repeat performance could spell trouble for the Monsters from the Midway.

13.  Alex Smith (San Francisco):  Progress has been slow to say the least.  The next Carr, Couch? The much-improved 49ers sure hope that this is his time to shine.

14. Tarvaris Jackson (Minnesota):  Has a world of athletic skills and talent, but may be a tad overmatched at this stage of his development.

15.  Jeff Garcia (Tampa Bay):  A productive short-passer with a lot of practical experience.  Best suited to play in a support role, but he's all they've got!

16.  Jason Campbell (Washington):  Who has made more mistakes in the Nation's Capital over the last decade -- the Senate, the House or the Redskins?  Campbell is flat out overmatched.

Tom Marino has over 35 years of experience as a professional scout working for the NFL's Bears, Saints, Rams, Giants and Cowboys along with both the WFL and USFL. As Scout.com's Lead NFL Analyst, he has primary responsibility for network reporting, the NFL Draft, Free Agency databases and rankings.

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