NFL Quarterback Rankings: Final Grades

Former pro scout Tom Marino wraps up his NFL quarterback series by providing his final grades and ranking the top QBs from all 32 teams.

The Top of the Class
1.  Peyton Manning, Colts (A+)
2.  Marc Bulger, Rams (A)
3.  Carson Palmer, Bengals (A)
4.  Drew Brees, Saints (A)
5.  Tom Brady, Patriots (A)
An "A" quarterback is at or near the top of his game. He's a highly-skilled player who has the ability to impact a football game and/or a season. With a representative surrounding cast, an "A" quarterback has the ability to lead a club deep into the playoffs and to the Super Bowl.  He is in every sense of the word a difference maker.
"B"  Quarterbacks
6.  Donovan McNabb, Eagles (B)
7.  Philip Rivers, Chargers (B)
8.  Steve McNair, Ravens (B)
9.  Jon Kitna, Lions (B-)
10.  Brett Favre, Packers (B-)
Young players in the "B" category have the skills to develop into an "A" class QB. A veteran "B" category player -- although still a factor -- his position skills have likely regressed through age and or injuries. With a "good" surrounding cast he still has the ability to lead a club to the playoff round and beyond. An experienced capable hand.
"C"  Quarterbacks
11.  Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks (C+) 
12.  J.P. Losman, Bills (C+)
13.  Daunte Culpepper, Raiders (C)
14.  Eli Manning, Giants (C)
15.  Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers (C)
16.  Tony Romo, Cowboys (C-)
17.  Matt Schaub, Texans (C-)
18.  Jay Cutler, Broncos (C-)
19.  Trent Green, Chiefs (C-)
20.  Jake Delhomme, Panthers (C-)
Young players who -- although they do not appear to have the skills to develop into an "A" class QB, could in time develop into a ""B" class player. With a very good squad, has a good chance to lead his club to the playoff rounds. Veteran QB in this category are usually formally "B" quarterbacks who are there to lend a steady hand while helping to develop a younger prospect. Teams must be concerned with the injury factor with veteran players in this category.
"D"  Quarterbacks
21.  Matt Leinart, Cardinals (D+)
22.  Joey Harrington, Falcons (D+)
23.  Vince Young, Titans (D)
24.  Rex Grossman, Bears (D)
25.  Alex Smith, 49ers (D)
26.  David Garrard, Jaguars (D)
27.  Chad Pennington, NY Jets (D)
28.  Tarvaris Jackson, Vikings (D)
29.  Jeff Garcia, Buccaneers (D)
30.  Jason Campbell, Redskins (D-)
31.  Damon Huard, Chiefs (D-)
32.  Derek Anderson, Browns (D-)
Reserved for young quarterbacks with limited experience and highly ranked college players, who have been slow to develop their skills at the professional level. Veteran players in this category are usually journeymen professional who will likely be replaced in the immediate future. Unless a young inexperienced QB prospect were to make unusual seasonal progress or all players in this category are surrounded by a very talented surrounding cast, they are unlikely to have the skills to lead their club into the playoff round.

Tom Marino has over 35 years of experience as a professional scout working for the NFL's Bears, Saints, Rams, Giants and Cowboys along with both the WFL and USFL. As's Lead NFL Analyst, he has primary responsibility for network reporting, the NFL Draft, Free Agency databases and rankings.


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