Scout NFL Blog: NFL's Best Team?

Who is making their case as the NFL's best team? ... An odd offensive start for both the Bears and the Chiefs ... Favre turning back the clock and more in this edition of the Scout NFL Blog.

At our Cowboys site, Mike Fisher says, "This season's battle for the title of 'NFL's Best Team' figures to change hands as frequently, as violently and sometimes as clumsily as stolen O.J. Simpson memorabilia in Sin City." And as he compares the Cowboys to some of the other top teams in the league, he points out that Dallas' next opponent -- the Chicago Bears -- have an offense "so limp they oughta be asking Wade Wilson to ship ‘em his leftover samples." Don't miss this subscribers feature.

At our Lions site, Nate Caminata says, "No one will ever replace Steve Yzerman as the city of Detroit's sports hero.  But for one afternoon, at least, Lions' quarterback Jon Kitna ingrained himself in Motown sports lore." Kitna came back from a concussion to help the Lions secure a 20-17 win over the Vikings to push their record to 2-0. Learn more about it in this feature titled, "Heart of a Lion."

Brett Favre's performance on Sunday against the Giants evoked this comment from former NFL fullback Harry Sidney at our Green Bay site. "What I witnessed on Sunday reminded me of the mid 1990's as he ran the West Coast offense to perfection. He took what they gave him. He dissected the defense yard by yard. Even though his passing average was very good, what he did with the ball was even better," he said. Read his analysis of the offensive and defensive effort by the Packers in this subscribers feature.

Champ Bailey
Greg Trott/Getty Images

Looming large on the Jaguars' schedule this weekend is Denver cornerback Champ Bailey, who will try to feast on David Garrard's passes when Jacksonville visits the 2-0 Broncos.  Find out what Jeff Levers has to say about Bailey at our Jaguars site.

Our Chiefs team expert says that after watching Kansas City's offensive play-calling over the past two weeks, head coach Herman Edwards may need to take over the offensive play-calling instead of relying on offensive coordinator Mike Solari. "His offense had four trips inside the Bears' 30-yard line in the second half and came away with only three points," Nick Athan observed. Check out his analysis of the situation in Kansas City in this subscribers feature. NFL analyst Chris Steuber thinks it's time for the Cowboys to abandon the tandem running back approach in Dallas and make Marion Barber the feature back. "Barber is by far the better and more complete back between the two. When Barber's in the game, you see more energy out of the offense," he says. And check out his commentary on the Browns, Packers, Chargers, Rams, Jets and the Raiders/Broncos game in this subscribers feature at our NFL site.

Last week the Jets fingered the Patriots for illegally taping their coaches' signals. This week, it's Ravens head coach Brian Billick pointing the finger at the Jets' defensive front seven for illegal actions. Find out what he's all fired up about in this subscribers feature by Aaron Wilson at our Ravens site.

After failing to score an offensive touchdown in their season opener, the Bears put up a second-quarter touchdown on a 2-yard pass to reserve offensive tackle John St. Clair.  "Hey, I'm an offensive weapon now," St. Clair said with a laugh to the media after the game.  Read all about it in this subscribers feature by Beth Gorr at our Bears site.

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