Fantasy Mailbox - Week 3

Welcome to the Week 3 Edition of the NFL Fantasy Mailbox! As the 2007 season progress, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : Mr. Fantasy Freak,

This is my first year in fantasy football and not sure I know what I'm doing. In the draft, I loaded up on Dallas Cowboys since they are a good team. Is this okay? I won in the first week, but not so good last week. Thank you very much.

Vinh N. - Euless, TX

Well,...if the Cowboys keep putting up 45 points like in week 1, then you'll be okay (except for week 8 when Dallas has a bye). Typically, however, loading up on one team for your fantasy roster makes for a very risky season. It's often better to pick star players from a variety of teams, but "living and dying by the 'Boys" may not be such a bad idea this season. Just hope they don't get so far ahead prior to the NFL playoffs that they rest their starters in weeks 15-17 (your fantasy playoffs). Good luck Vinh and take care.



Q : Hey. I have a trade offered to me and need some advice. This guy wants to give Steven Jackson and Reggie Bush for Randy Moss and Marion Barber. In the preseason, I would have jumped all over this deal. But I'm thinking a little bit now about it. Oh, and I'm also in a keeper league. Your thoughts?

Johnson B. - Clearwater, FL

I think you grab this trade and run...especially in a keeper league. As for this season, remember that we've played only 2 weeks and have 15 more to go. Despite some off numbers in the first couple of weeks, Steven Jackson and Reggie Bush are still two of the top fantasy players in the league (and both are top 5 candidates in keeper leagues). I do like Randy Moss and am not surprised by his numbers, but Jackson/Bush is a much better package for you than Moss/Barber. Regardless of Barber's numbers thus far, he still isn't the every-down back in Dallas and may or may not continue the torrid scoring pace held over from last season. Long term...Jackson and Bush will be better FFLers.



Q : I think I have a pretty good team, but would like your advice. We play the typical QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, TE, and K in a 12 team league. I have Tony Romo, Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, LaMont Jordan, Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, Warrick Dunn, Calvin Johnson, Donte Stallworth, Reggie Brown, Amani Toomer, Drew Bennett, Shayne Graham, and Neil Rackers. Any advice?

Dave L. - Seattle, WA

Really nice team. I'm not really sure how you got the trio of Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, and Frank Gore (all 1st round picks in most leagues), but I guess I believe you. If it were my team, I'd immediately try to upgrade at wide receiver. Tony Romo and LaMont Jordan have both looked like superstars in the first two weeks and they're disposable on your team. Each (or some combination) should greatly help your wide receiving corps via trades. Don't be afraid to package several players to get one top player and some bench guys...especially in your situation.



Q : Scout Fantasy Freak,

My team is really struggling and I'm 0-2. Some of the guys I got early that aren't producing are Reggie Bush, Laurence Maroney, Larry Fitzgerald, Alex Smith, Donte Stallworth, and Thomas Jones. What should I do?

Jason R. - Yuma, AZ

Hello Jason. You certainly struck it with several underperforming players thus far, but you really have very little options other than sit tight and remember that it's very, very early in the season. The players you listed have a low value right now, but will get it together as the season progresses. Actually, I advise people to try and trade for some of the players you listed since their owners will be down on their lack of I believe you need to just wait it out and hope your team gets its wheels moving.



Q : Was Derek Anderson's performance for real? Do I pick him up on the waiver wire even though I'm in good shape at quarterback?

Gavin J. - Pittsburgh, PA

Prior to the Cleveland-Cincy game, many Browns fans wanted to see Brady Quinn start that game. Even though Anderson threw 5 TDs (and Braylon Edwards does much better with Anderson at the helm), I think you leave him on the wire. There is no reason to grab a bench guy when you are set at the position. Don't expect a repeat of the 96-point Browns-Bengals game any time soon.



Q : I'm torn between starting the Broncos or the Vikings this week...your thoughts?

Carol F. - Austin, TX

Hi Carol.

I think you go with Minnesota on the road in Kansas City. Damon Huard isn't impressing much and Larry Johnson still thinks it's preseason. Look for the Vikes to keep KC to 10 points or less with a possible DST score. Denver isn't a bad start at home against a struggling JAX team, but I like Minnesota here a little better against a lackluster Chiefs offense. KC head coach Herm Edwards has many fans wondering which direction he is taking their team.



Q : Freak, what do you think of this trade? I would get LaMont Jordan, Antonio Gates, and Matt Schaub for Jon Kitna, Brandon Jacobs, and Andre Johnson. Thanks.

Kim H. - Wheeling, WV

Hello Kim,

I think you stay away from this trade. With Kitna, Jacobs, and Andre all banged up, I can understand your desperation. But none of the trio is likely to miss much time and most of the season has yet to be played. We both know that Gates is the top tight end, Jordan had two great weeks early, and Schaub is doing well in Houston, but they don't compare to Kitna, Jacobs, and Johnson in the fantasy world. Kitna and possibly Jacobs will likely play this week, while Andre may need another week to heal his sprained knee. My advice is to pass on this trade and limp along for a week or so until all are healthy.



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