Best Available Free Agents: Defense

Here's an updated report of the best available NFL free agents from the defensive side of the ball. Teams looking for depth at linebacker can still find some quality left in free agency.

Defensive End
Grant Wistrom
Lance Johnstone
Kenard Lang
Michael Haynes
Courtney Brown
Marcellus Wiley
Bobby Hamilton
Kevin Huntley
Tyoka Jackson
Tony Bryant
Jimmy Wilkerson
Carl Powell
Kemp Rasmussen
Jamaal Green

Defensive Tackle
Jimmy Kennedy
John Browning
Seth Payne
Dan Wilkinson
Joe Salave'a
Lional Dalton
Kenderick Allen
Sam Rayburn
Willie Whitehead (DE)
Demetrin Veal
Chad Lavalais
Monsanto Pope
Thomas Johnson
Jerry Deloach
Kenny Smith
Johnathan Sullivan
Ed Jasper
Junior Siavii
Willie Blade
Tony Williams
Jason Fisk

Inside/Middle Linebacker
Al Wilson
Peter Sirmon
Jay Foreman
Sam Cowart
Rocky Calmus
Ronald McKinnon
Zeke Moreno
Rod Davis
Tim Johnson
Dashon Polk
Barry Gardner
Kenyatta Wright
Frank Chamberlin

Outside Linebacker
Ed Hartwell (WLB/MLB)
Tommy Polley (WLB)
LaVar Arrington (WLB/SLB)
Chris Claiborne (WLB)
Orlando Huff (WLB)
Eddie Moore (WLB)
Keith Adams (WLB)
Brandon Short (SLB/WLB)
Kailee Wong (SLB)
Keith Newman (SLB)
Colby Bockwoldt (WLB)
Al Singleton (SLB)
Barrett Green (WLB)
Wesly Mallard (WLB/SLB)
Carlos Emmons (SLB)
James Darling (WLB/MLB)
DeLawrence Grant (SLB)
Alonzo Jackson (SLB)
Marcus Reese (SLB)
Saleem Rasheed (WLB)
Ben Taylor (SLB/WLB)
James Allen(SLB/WLB)
Grant Irons (SLB)
Dexter Coakley (WLB)
T.J. Slaughter (SLB/WLB)
Jeff Posey (SLB)
Ike Reese (SLB)
Joe Odom (SLB)

Bhawoh Jue
Shaun Williams
Terrence Kiel
Robert Griffith
Troy Vincent
Tony Parrish
Lance Schulters
Derrick Gibson
Derrick Strait
Chad Williams
Nick Sorensen
John Howell
Colin Branch
Anthony Mitchell
Marcus Coleman
Willie Offord
J.R. Reed
Hanik Milligan
Joseph Jefferson
Ernest Shazor
Keion Carpenter
Ronnie Heard
Earl Little
Jerry Wilson
Ifeanyi Ohalete
Bracy Walker
Antuan Edwards
Mike Logan
Andre Lott
Tebucky Jones
Matt Bowen
Dwaine Carpenter
Guss Scott
Jack Brewer
Kevin McCadam

Jerametrius Butler
Tory James
Tyrone Poole
Dexter McCleon
Will Poole
Daylon McCutcheon
Ahmad Carroll
Kevin Mathis
Chris Cash
Rashad Bauman
Reggie Howard
Ray Mickens
Willie Williams
Terry Fair
Ray Walls
Willie Middlebrooks (S)
Dewayne Washington
Jimmy Williams
Robert Tate

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