Fantasy Mailbox - Week 4

Welcome to the Week 4 Edition of the NFL Fantasy Mailbox! As the 2007 season progress, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : Freak. You've been ripping on Rex Grossman ever since he took over for Kyle Orton (and I was one of the few Bears homers that agreed with you early). It looks like Lovie Smith may finally get it and is taking him out of the lineup. I stayed away from Grossman in fantasy, but want a reason to play Brian Griese (esp. since I'll be at the game in person). Do I dare? I have Drew Brees and Jake Delhomme on my roster.

Vic S. - Chicago, IL

You're certainly right about that. I'll have to find something else to write about. As for Griese, he'll have his moments and certainly perform better than Grossman...but still isn't a top 15 fantasy QB. Fortunately, you can justify Griese this week since Brees has a week 4 bye and Jake Delhomme has a banged up elbow (listed as questionable). Keep tabs on Delhomme's status and consider him if at 100%, but Griese has a wonderful matchup with Detroit...although still a risky start in his first game. Nonetheless, cheering for Griese on the field and at the helm of your fantasy team will be fun with all that has happened regarding the play of Rex Grossman. Good luck to you and da Bears!



Q : I just found out that Deuce McAllister is out for the year. I have him in a keeper league for $14 and am now thinking about dropping him (our salaries go up 20% each season). Two questions here: 1. Do I drop McAllister? 2. Do I trade Calvin Johnson for DeShaun Foster to get some support at running back? I still have Cadillac Williams and Joseph Addai, but am worried about my RB situation with the bye weeks coming up. Thanks.

Will L. - Portland, OR

Yes, I believe you drop McAllister from your lineup. He's of no use to you this season and would be taking up a roster spot. And...nearly $17 for a guy coming off of an ACL tear on a team with Reggie Bush is too much to pay next season for Deuce.

As for the Calvin Johnson trade for DeShaun Foster, my answer is no. I don't know how much you paid for Johnson, but he's one of the best keeper players out there. Foster is playing fairly well, but he's usually hurt by now and isn't of Johnson's caliber (regardless of your situation). Joseph Addai is the best fantasy running back in the league right now and Cadillac is playing extremely well in Tampa. Each will serve your needs and finding waiver bye week replacements should be enough to get you through their one-game absences.



Q : Do I do this trade...Joseph Addai for Tom Brady and Reggie Wayne? I know it sounds crazy, but I also have Adrian Peterson, Marion Barber, and Cadillac Williams at running back and pretty much nobody at quarterback and wide receiver. The guy wouldn't do it unless he got Addai.

Brett D. - Peachtree, GA

I don't usually advocate trading the best fantasy running back in the league (with LT, LJ, and SA struggling), but I think it makes sense in your case. Addai has his best value right now with the others ailing and you have too many producing RBs sitting on your bench each week. And who better to get for Addai than Tom Brady and Reggie Wayne?!? Brady and Wayne were my preseason number one QB and WR (and each is performing up to the prediction...esp. Brady).



Q : I got Brett Favre cheap (late round) in my fantasy draft and am considering now trading Peyton Manning. I think I can get Chad Johnson and upgrade my running back situation (Kevin Jones) for Manning and a bench guy. The problem is that I have Randy Moss and Plaxico Burress on my team and we only play 2 wide receivers. Do I make the deal?

Andrew L. - Philadelphia, PA

Actually, the deal isn't bad and I'd potentially say to go for it if it weren't for existing quality of your wide receivers. And even though Favre is healthy and doing well, Manning is the much better fantasy player for multiple reasons (to start, he's led the league for several years and he nor his offense are showing signs of slowing). I can't see trading Manning for Chad with Plax and Moss already on your team. See if you can work out a deal for Favre, but don't expect him to bring in the same talent that Manning is able to land.



Q : Need a bye week replacement for week 4 at quarterback. I have Trent Green on my roster or I could grab Brian Griese off of waivers. Who should I go with?

Cecil T. - Land Between the Lakes, KY

I like Griese's matchup this week and wouldn't have Trent Green on my roster.



Q : Freak, I am commish of our league and we are debating on adding additional scoring to our existing TD only league and want to implement it ASAP. Right now, we play a QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K. What are your thoughts on what works?

Nate H. - Altavista, VA

Nate...I would agree that TD only leagues can get a bit boring, but I don't think you go crazy here either.

For starters, I believe you start with adding some yardage points at all postions. Maybe do one point for each 100 yards passing and 1 point for each 30 yards receiving or rushing. Add an additional point or two for field goals over 40 or 50 yards and I think you're on your way.

You could add a point per reception, but that gets a little more cumbersome coming from a TD only league (if you feel you must do this, then maybe just do it with the TE position for now). I also think you stay away from negative stats (penalties for fumbles and/or interceptions).

Be sure to get a proposal together and submit it to your owners. Have fun (more fun) this weekend as you see fantasy scores elevate to the 40s and 50s!



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