Catching Up With Colt Brennan

Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan checks in again with's Chris Steuber. "Catching up with Colt" is an exclusive feature to and gives fans an inside look into the senior season of a Heisman Trophy candidate.

Chris Steuber: This past weekend's 48 - 20 win against Idaho was a bit crazy. You threw five interceptions. What are your thoughts about the game?

Colt Brennan: It was a weird game. When you look at the stat sheet you're going to draw your own conclusion, but if you watched the game it was 41-10 at halftime. The game was over. A lot of weird stuff happened. I threw a lot of interceptions; a couple of them were tipped balls that happened to get picked off. I had some bad reads here and there and didn't throw the ball as well as I usually do. It was just one of those games.

CS: Did Idaho do anything against you defensively that made you force some throws?

Brennan: There were two interceptions I had no control over, they were tipped balls. Well, one was caught, but it bounced out of his hands and into the defenders hands. For another one, I tried to force it on a 3rd-and-long, and I didn't do a very good job, because I had another receiver I could have went to, but I made a mistake. For the other two interceptions, I just wasn't as accurate as I usually am. I was just throwing the ball behind guys. I had two guys wide open on the other two interceptions, and I threw the ball short. The defense did a good job and made the plays. Considering I threw five interceptions, I went 30-of-49 for 369 yards and three touchdowns -- it was just a weird game.

CS: Throwing five interceptions … I'm sure you'll hear about it all week long?

Brennan: If you watch the game, you're not walking away saying, "Oh my God, he threw five interceptions." I can't control balls being tipped for interceptions. I just wasn't myself in this game. People can say what they want about the turnovers, but I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be a good thing in my favor down the road. Don't be surprised if I don't throw another interception the rest of the year.

CS: Was there anything out of this game for you personally that you could build on?

Brennan: There were some things I did, besides throwing the ball, I had a couple of good scrambles for first downs and I ran for a touchdown. I threw a sick block. The coolest play of the day happened when I threw a pick. The guy who intercepted was going to take it to the house and I ran as fast as I could and I cut him off, and they ended up not scoring on that possession. On the very next play, our defense picked it off and took it to the house. There was a lot of good team stuff [in this game]. I think we really came together as a team. Out of all the games that I played, I never had that much respect from my teammates. Even with everything that happened, I still played hard and showed a lot of character playing hurt.

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CS: How did your ankle feel during the game, and do you think it was a factor at all?

Brennan: I don't know. I'm not a guy who makes excuses, but something wasn't right. I wasn't my normal self out there. It rolled up on me in the first quarter, but it held up. It wasn't overly painful to the point where I couldn't play. It was just a little irritated; I just wasn't myself. I don't know if that's because I missed two weeks of practice. This week I wasn't getting a whole lot of reps. I was resting my ankle as much as possible.

CS: The one thing about a sprained ankle, and I'm sure you know this; you injured your right ankle and as a right-handed quarterback, you need that ankle to plant and make your throws. When your dominant ankle is hurting you tend to compensate, and I'm sure you experienced that in the game?

Brennan: I watched the film and on the two interceptions I threw, I had to throw off my back foot and the ball came out short.

CS: Despite the turnovers, people around the country are noticing what you guys are doing, as Hawaii is now ranked 16th in the nation.

Brennan: That's great and you know what, if I threw seven touchdowns and no interceptions against Idaho, nobody would really care. But if I have great games against Boise State or Washington, and if it's a huge game - that's what really matters. That's when I need my numbers to be great, that's when I have to have big games. We have so many games left in the season. I just have to get out there and get my ankle healthy and get back to the same person I was and I'll be fine.

CS: Utah State is on tap this week. What do they bring to the field?

Brennan: They give us an opportunity to really fine-tune some things. It gives us a chance to work on the little stuff and get everything right. It's a great game for us to work on our fundamentals and get our swagger back. We just have to go out there and have fun, and we're excited to be back home.

CS: Talk about playing at home. In your two home games this season, you guys totaled 129 points. What is it about playing in Hawaii that's such an advantage?

Brennan: I think when we're on our island, it's like our island. This is our place, our home. All the island kids have all their family and friends watching them, so they come and play that much more. It's the atmosphere, the crowd. We're so comfortable going to the hotel and having practice -- a walk thru the day before the game. I think it's just like any other team out there, but it means a little bit more to us. It's a little bit more of an advantage for us, because we're so far away from everyone.

A member of the Pro Football Writers of America and the Football Writers Association of America, Chris Steuber has provided his NFL draft analysis on the web and on the radio since 1999.

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