ScoutNFL Q&A: Freddy Keiaho

Second-year LB Freddy Keiaho is the Colts' starter on the weak side, a key position in Indy's defense. He talked to's Ed Thompson this week about his dislocated elbow that he suffered in Week 1 (and still finished the game), last week's win, and what he expects from Tampa Bay this week.

Ed Thompson: How is your recovery from your dislocated elbow going?

Freddy Keiaho: We've been bracing it up and the training staff's been doing a great job at giving me treatment. It's just going to be a process where it'll come back little by little every week and hopefully I can get out of that brace by midseason or so.

ET: Have you been able to adjust to it?

FK: Yeah, I'm just doing the best I can to play through it. The point of the brace is to limit my mobility so it's a good thing. It limits the flexing and extension of the elbow.  Everybody in the NFL is playing with some kind of injury right now -- it's just part of the game.

ET: You have 22 tackles in 2 games, an interception, 1.5 stuffs, a pass defensed. And what's most impressive is that in looking at the statistics, your tackles are spread out pretty evenly all across the field.

FK: I really don't keep track of those stats. That's good to know I guess, but I'm just out there playing and focusing on my job. If they ask me to make a tackle, that's what I do. But that's pretty interesting -- I've never looked at it that way.

ET: Out of your 22 tackles, 12 were on first down.  Is that partly a result of the defensive scheme that your usually in on first downs?

FK: A lot of teams run on first down, that's the only way I can think of it. Maybe that gives me more of a chance to make a play on first down.

ET: What jumped out at you as you prepared for the Denver Broncos last week?

FK: They ran the same offense as Houston, but with different personnel. Their offensive line was a lot more athletic and they moved really well -- that's probably one of the fastest offensive lines in the NFL player-for-player as far as movement. You have to give them their credit, they were a great team and great on the line.  They moved the ball against us, and we need to do a better job against that.

Freddy Keiaho after the Super Bowl win
AP Photo/David Duprey

ET: You guys had a terrific second half against the run, what made the difference?

FK: We made some adjustments. They hit us with a couple different plays and a couple different formations that we hadn't expected, so it took us a little bit longer to adjust to those formations.

ET: Tyjuan Hagler has moved back over to weak side after working earlier this year at strong side. How are you two gelling?

FK: Tyjuan's just like me.  He was on IR (injured reserve) his rookie year, so last year we came in as young players together. It was almost like another rookie counterpart out there when he was playing. We're good friends.  He helps me out and I help him out, and it's always going to be like that.

ET: What do you remember about the interception play against New Orleans. How did you make that play?

FK: Well, Drew Brees was looking at route where the outside receiver runs about 15 yards and makes an inside cut towards the center of the field.  We were in Cover 2, I think, and on those kinds of routes you never see the backside of the defender, you only see the front of the defender. I just stole the route from the backside, the opposite side of the field.

ET: You have Tampa Bay this week, what kind of challenge do you see them presenting?

FK: ...They're a hot team right now and I suspect it's going to be a lot of running and quick throws. That's what we get -- we get teams that try running the ball, and you know the ball's going to be out quick because of our D-line and how much pressure they put on the passers. If we can get them into a one-dimensional game, I think we're going to be alright.

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