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Former pro scout Tom Marino ranks the 32 teams as they prepare for Week 5 action. Teams are rising and falling. Take a look at this week's rankings and then talk about it in our team fan forums!

2007 Power Rankings: Week 4
  TW LW Team Comments
1 (1) Patriots
Making it look very easy on both sides of the football, but remember it's a marathon and not a sprint to the finish in the NFL.
2  (2) Cowboys
Defense is starting to play to their potential. Watch out NFC, the Cowboys are about to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.
3 (3) Colts
People are starting to take them for granted. Can't wait for the November 4th showdown at home versus the Patriots.
(4) Steelers
Special teams blunder contributed to team's first loss. Still not sure this is a 3-1 based on skill level or light early season schedule.
(8) Packers
Perfect season so far is impressive, but the rest of the season might not be as kind if they keep having problems running the ball.
6  (9) Seahawks
The class of the anemic NFC West. If they can avoid longterm injuries to key personnel they should breeze to another NFC West title.
(12) Lions
Gutsy win against the Bears is a sign that this team is for real. Three down and seven to go if you're keeping score out there.
(5) Ravens
Ravens are having a difficult time putting points on the board. Defense was not prepared in loss to the upstart Browns.
 (6) Chargers
Going to need to right the ship quickly to have a chance to repeat as division champs. Consistency at QB might be the key factor.
10  (7) Bears
Key injuries on defense and an unimpressive offensive unit are not a good combination for a struggling football team.
11  (18) Buccaneers
A better team then I had originally considered. Garcia has been the difference. Serious injuries to key personnel could prove costly.
12  (11) Broncos
Struggling Broncos could easily be four down at point. Next four weeks should tell you a little about the character and makeup of this team.
13  (10) Bengals
Good timing for a bye week. Lets see if this underachieving club gets Coach Lewis' message and gets down to business.
14  (13) Jaguars
Doing it with mirrors, the Jags hope the bye week will help heal the wounded and serve as a jump-start for their struggling offense.
15  (27) Giants
After a very slow start they've experienced an epiphany of sorts over the last two games with the defense leading the way.
16  (14) Titans
Running game is suspect, receivers are unproven and QB is still developing, but nobody bothered to tell the young Titans.
17  (15) Texans
Hit a bump in the road last (Atlanta) but should rebound versus Miami. First-year starter at QB impressive, but no running game is a concern.
18  (16) Panthers
Could be a long season if Delhomme doesn't return to form. Carr's numbers were better than his on-field performance.
19  (20) Redskins
The Skins moved up in the power rankings this week -- now if only they can add a few more byes to their schedule to get it done.
20  (17) Eagles
Key injuries to key personnel (RB and LOT) were disastrous. Winston Justice in his first start at left tackle was a total embarrassment.
21  (19) 49ers
The 49ers' performances to date confirm that it's hard win without a dominant signal-caller spinning the football each week.
22  (28) Browns
Not sure it will last, but I like the way they have responded to the QB change after the season opener. Defense needs to be more consist.
23  (26) Cardinals
Lack of consistency necessitated the change to veteran QB Kurt Warner. DT Darnell Dockett has upgraded an already solid defense.
24  (29) Raiders
Culpepper return to Miami proved that revenge is "oh, so sweet." Aggressive defense is making things happen.
25  (24) Saints
A major disappointment on both sides of the football, the Saints need to regroup quickly to get back into the race.
26  (21) Vikings
Hard to run your offense with the 33rd- (Holcomb) and 47th- (Jackson) rated quarterback respectively in the league.
27  (22) Bills
Trent Edwards (the top college QB in the country last season) was impressive in his first start of his professional career.
28  (30) Chiefs
QB Damon Huard came up big in a victory over the Chargers. Passing game is too dependent on Tony Gonzalez and needs more balance.
29  (23) Rams
Injuries have decimated the Rams on both sides of the ball, but regardless, this team lacks direction, leadership and toughness.
30  (25) Jets
Thomas Jones is hitting his stride, but the same can't be said for the rest of the offensive unit. Team lacks the firepower to play catch-up.
31  (32) Falcons
Winning won't come easy, but they've have a good attitude and play hard. They're struggling to establish the running game.
32  (31) Dolphins
Offensive struggles were expected, but defensive woes have been a surprise. Far from a good football team at this stage.

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