Fantasy Mailbox - Week 6

Welcome to the Week 6 edition of the NFL Fantasy Mailbox! As the 2007 season progress, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : Freak, these injuries and bye weeks are killing me. I have no idea how I'm still in this thing. Anyway, which quarterback do you think I should grab to get me through week 6 (Brian Griese, Daunte Culpepper, Joey Harrington, or Kurt Warner)? I have Manning, so I only need him for one week. My running backs are also hurt, but that's a whole different story.

William T. - Covert, MI

Jump all over Warner with Matt Leinart now out for the year. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin are just too good not to put up numbers...and Ken Whisenhunt seems to have the Arizona offense in a nice groove (plus Warner has looked really good to date). BTW, I think you hang onto Warner after week 6 (use him for trade bait if necessary)...he's a great pickup if you can still get him.



Q : Hello. I'm only able to get scattered coverage of NFL broadcasts from "across the pond", but am still trying to keep my fantasy football teams intact thanks to help from sites like yours (and thank you Slingbox!). I have a couple of questions: What's the latest on Selvin Young filling in for Travis Henry (I did manage to pick up Young in one of my leagues)? Should I be worried about Tony Romo against the Patriots after his debacle of a game against the Bills? Thanks!

Tom Y. - Nichada Thani, THAILAND

Glad to hear from you Tom! Hope all is well over there in Thailand.

As for the Henry/Young situation, Henry's case continues to be put together by the league. Furthermore, Henry is already planning an appeal which could tie things up or a month or more and keep Henry on the it's a bit of a guess as to how long it will take before the suspension starts. Young will eventually get in the Bronco starting lineup this season and I'd start him the week Henry's suspension goes into effect. Running backs in Denver tend to produce big numbers.

As for Romo's 6 turnovers, let's hope you're in a league that doesn't penalize for negative stats. Romo has been wonderful (at least prior to week 5) and is allowed at least one bad road outing in a season. Even though the Pats defense is solid, dismiss Romo's performance last weekend and start him confidently in a huge week 6 battle of the undefeated.



Q : My team is already 1-4 and I'm looking forward to next season. Who are the better keepers here? Our league allows us to keep 5 guys. The ones I don't have, I'm going to try to trade to get. Please give me your top 5 out of the following: Marshawn Lynch, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Jackson, Kellen Winslow, Vernon Davis, Calvin Johnson, Joseph Addai, Brady Quinn, Andre Johnson - THANKS!

David S. - Trenton, NJ

Sorry to hear you're giving up so early on 2007...we've only played 5 weeks. And if you have most of the guys you listed, you won't have much to worry about for years to come in a keeper league. I'd say the top 5 keepers above include Lynch, Winslow, Johnson, Addai, and Johnson...although they're all very strong keeper candidates!



Q : Scout Fantasy Man, I heard a rumor that Tiki Barber might come back and join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and play with his twin brother. Is he worth adding as a roster spot...or have you heard anything on this?

Kurt W. - Calumet City, IL

Sure, I heard this rumor. But I also heard rumors involving Chester Taylor, Tatum Bell, Michael Turner, and many others to Tampa. Most of the comments have faded as quickly as they've been mentioned...meaning that you probably shouldn't act upon any speculation until something more comes of these rumors. Even if one of the mentioned players did go play with the Bucs, there is no guarantee he'd upseat Earnest Graham and immediately start performing in Gruden's offense.



Q : I know you've been asked this before, but do I keep starting Larry Johnson and Drew Brees? Pardon me, but they've just sucked it up so far and my team is taking a big hit with them in the lineup.

Kathy M. - Colorado Springs, CO

Larry Johnson is getting some better matchups that what he's had lately. Besides, who are you going to start over Johnson since you likely grabbed him in the first round?

As for Brees, I'd extend his leash a little longer and believe he eventually gets it going. As with LJ...with all the injuries and 6 NFL teams on byes in week 6, there aren't likely a whole lot of other options. And neither will bring in much on the trade market at this point. My advice is to ride it out and keep your fingers crossed over the next couple of weeks. Johnson and Brees aren't the only preseason fantasy studs failing to put up numbers anywhere near expectations.



Q : Freak, huge Pats homer here. I have to admit that I challenged your preseason picks of Tom Brady as the number 1 fantasy QB and Randy Moss as a top 10 fantasy WR. In fact, I sent you an email back in July saying you didn't know what you were talking about. Glad I was wrong and thanks!

Bob H. - Boston, MA

Thanks for the comments Bob.

You weren't the only one bashing me for ranking Brady as the preseason #1 fantasy QB for 2007. I received numerous emails from folks discounting my rankings because I had Brady so high (and many were from Pats fans for some reason). Most every other ranking analysis had Brady anywhere from 2nd to 5th with Peyton Manning unanimous in the top spot. The same thing applied for Moss. Most wrote him off after his time in Oakland...and few, if any, had Moss ranked in their top 10 heading into this year. Brady to Moss is certainly paying off for all who listened and managed to land both on their fantasy team.

But thanks for not mentioning Laurence Maroney in your note...I also had him ranked fairly high. Regardless, we're not even a third of the way through the regular season. The jury is still out for final numbers on Brady, Moss, (and Maroney)...but the Pats don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.



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