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Former pro scout Tom Marino ranks the 32 teams as many of them prepare for Week 6 action. Take a look at who's rising and who's slipping and then talk about it in our team fan forums!

2007 Power Rankings: Week 3
  TW LW Team Comments
1 (1) Patriots
Pats played to the competition versus the Browns last week, but were still good enough to notch their fifth straight victory.
2  (2) Cowboys
How 'bout them Cowboys! Playing on the road, five picks, a lost fumble, a 103-yard return for a touchdown and they still win.
3 (3) Colts
Running back injuries and depth could become a factor, but as long as Peyton Manning is spinning the ball they'll be there in the end. Kenton who?
(4) Steelers
Completely shutting down the 3-1 Seahawks tells you that after the "Big Three," the ball-control, play all-out-defense Steelers are the class of the field.
(5) Packers
Packers let victory slip through their grasp versus the Bears when they lost their stinger in the second half. Lack of a running game continues to be a problem.
 (9) Chargers
Now that's what I'm talking about. Chargers played to win last week in Denver -- as opposed to trying not to lose in the previous three weeks.
(14) Jaguars
Garrard put up some solid numbers last week, but it' on the defensive side of the ball where the Jaguars are making their bones.
(8) Ravens
Ravens set the passing game back 20 years in their victory over the punch-less 49ers. Not a lot of homerun hitters on the offensive side of the football.
9  (10) Bears
Showed some real heart in their win over the Packers, but watching that offense was painful. Future opponents should follow suit and no longer kick to the dangerous Hester.
10  (6) Seahawks
Really struggled to move the ball offensively versus the Steelers. The usually dependable Hasselbeck is going to have to take his game to a higher level if Seattle's going to advance.
11  (19) Redskins
Campbell appears to be coming of age and Randle-El may have had his best game as a Redskin. Defense did an outstanding job of shutting down the league's top offense.
13  (13) Bengals
Bengals hope last week's bye will serve to get some of the walking-wounded back on the field. Underachieving group needs to start taking this game more seriously.
13  (15) Giants
After a miserable start, the Giants have started to put it together. Plaxico Burress has been the class of a very inconsistent offensive unit.
14  (7) Lions
Which Lions squad will show up next week? Going to have to protect Kitna and play with far more consistency defensively. Bye couldn't come at a better time.
15  (11) Buccaneers
Running game situation could get downright ugly. Pittman and Graham combined for 10 yards on 11 carries. Double ouch!
16  (16) Titans
The Titans had virtually no running game and a no-touchdown, three-interceptions day at the QB position.  But they still pulled out a win over Atlanta. Hey, can Vincent Fuller play offense?
17  (17) Texans
The Texans were darn lucky to be playing Miami. The good news is they have a real offensive weapon -- the bad news is that it's their placekicker.
18  (18) Panthers
With Delhomme on IR, it's hard to see this inconsistent club advancing with the disappointing (injured) Carr and unproven Moore at QB. Does Peppers have a sack?
19  (23) Cardinals
Leinart, who went on the IR this week had been a major disappointment. Does the veteran Warner sill have the stuff to lead the new-look Cardinals to the promised land?
20  (20) Eagles
The Eagles have been a major disappointment so far in '07 and unless they can better protect their QB, expect McNabb to finish his third season in a row on the IR.
21  (12) Broncos
Take away the field-goal victory with no time on the clock versus the Bills, and then the Raiders field goal hitting the upright and this club could just as easily be 0-5..
22  (21) 49ers
With Vernon Davis developing slowly, even slower-developing Alex Smith out and Frank Gore running like Al, watching this offense is as painful as passing a kidney stone.
23  (22) Browns
Playing hard, but the Browns really lack the talent to line up against the big boys. Offense can put points on the board, but the young defense hasn't kept pace.
24  (24) Raiders
Culpepper effort in Week 4 versus the hapless Dolphins gives the Raiders some hope, but Jordan's back injury leaves the offense with no real running threat.
25  (27) Bills
Rookies Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch could become something special, but this club is razor thin on both sides of the ball. Jason Peters may be the best LT in the league.
26  (28) Chiefs
Without a running game (10 yards on 10 carries) and with a passing game that does not challenge the perimeter, I don't see bright things ahead for this club.
27  (26) Vikings
Just don't think this club has the talent or experience at the quarterback position to make any kind of splash this season.  But make no mistake about it, Adrian Peterson is for real.
28  (25) Saints
Passing offense is little more then glorified handoffs, and franchise RB Reggie Bush (2.9-yard avg.) looks more and more like Trung Candidate with each passing week.
29  (30) Jets
Talk about empty production at the QB position.  I've got news for fans of the green and white; you're not going to win with Pennington.
30  (31) Falcons
Offense continues to struggle. After 12 seasons, Warrick Dunn appears to be nearing the end. Leftwich's lack of movement and breakdowns in protection spell big trouble.
31  (29) Rams
The Rams secondary might be playing as poorly as their patchwork offensive line. One of the poorest tackling teams in the league. Update those resumes boys, the end is near.
32  (32) Dolphins
Lets see ... Bob Griese, Dan Marino, and now Cleo Lemon -- something is wrong with this picture. Let's hope for a speedy recovery for veteran Trent Green, a real class act.

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