Jay Glazer on Porter, Jones, and Quinn

FOXSports.com's Jay Glazer obtained a copy of a video tape showing the attack on Bengals offensive lineman Levi Brown by Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter and a group of men during the offseason. And he also raises the question of whether the Dolphins might have misled Brady Quinn before the NFL Draft.

This off-season Dolphins Pro Bowl linebacker Joey Porter actually fought arch-rival Levi Jones, the Bengals right tackle, at a Las Vegas casino. At the time several reports were written, many conflicting, and as a result the details of the actual assault were cloudy.

Until now.

FOX Sports has exclusively obtained the video surveillance tape from the March 19 brawl at The Palms casino. The video is disturbing and paints an obvious picture of the events of that night — a brutal group attack on an NFL player.

The tape reveals Jones sitting at a blackjack table in The Palms when Porter and a group of men approached from behind and surrounded the Bengals lineman. Jones then stood up from the table and it appeared as if he and Porter traded words before the two began exchanging full-on haymaker punches. While Porter and Jones scuffled, the others in the group began attacking Jones from behind with several punches landing to the back of his head.

This was not a one-on-one fight between the NFL rivals — as was first reported — but rather a brutal group attack. The fight then shifts from the blackjack table toward a roulette table when Jones is tackled and struck by members of the group while Porter stands over the pile as Jones was held down.

Finally, Jones gets the group off of him and goes back after his assailants as they scatter. When Jones tries to get at one of the people who attacked him, Porter throws another blindside punch as Jones moves out of view.

The tape is alarming, considering it happened smack in the middle of a casino. Plus, while violence reigns on the field in the NFL, it's extremely rare to have players actually brawl away from work.

When reached Saturday night, Porter said he had no comment and believed the matter was done.

However, that does not seem to be the case with Jones and his people. When contacted about the tape and asked if he will pursue a lawsuit, Jones said, "You say you saw the tape, it speaks for itself."

His agent Kenny Zuckerman told FOX Sports, "Levi has retained a Las Vegas attorney right after the fight but we just recently obtained the tape. He is now weighing his legal options."

Despite having no visual evidence, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell tagged Porter with a stiff penalty when he stripped him of three weeks' worth of pay. A league spokesman said despite the emergence of the tape there will not be further punishment.

At the time of the incident, a Las Vegas police officer was quoted in a wire report stating the two fought in the valet area and made it out as if it was a one-on-one fight. Some reports said Porter won, others claimed it was Jones. The truth, according to the video, was that it was never a one-on-one battle.

Did Dolphins mislead Quinn?

Browns rookie quarterback Brady Quinn will stand on the sidelines today and watch a Dolphins team with the QB position in flux.

It turns out Quinn was led to believe he would have been the long-term answer to Miami's future.

In the days leading up to the draft, Quinn was convinced that Miami would select him with the No. 9 overall pick. He wasn't trying to play draft prognosticator, but instead says he was given cold, hard information.

"That week Charlie (Weis, Notre Dame head coach) got a Dolphins hat sent to him by somebody in the Dolphins," Quinn told FOX Sports. "The hat came with a note that said, 'Charlie, we know you haven't been much of a Dolphins fan in the past. Here's hoping that come Saturday you'll become a big Dolphins fan.'

"I'm not sure exactly who sent it but I was led to believe it was either their head coach or somebody upstairs. That's why I was so sure I was going there. Obviously Charlie sent (it) back to them. No thanks! Can you believe that, though?"

The Dolphins had Ted Ginn, Jr. pegged for their pick so why they would send a hat with such a note is beyond Quinn's comprehension. At first Quinn thought they were trying to put out a smokescreen, but there are media relationships the team could have used to get those rumors started.

Dolphins GM Randy Mueller and head coach Cam Cameron, through a Dolphins spokesman, emphatically deny that they used such a ploy.

"I didn't do that, Cam didn't do that and to my knowledge nobody in our organization would do something like that," Mueller said through a spokesman.

The Dolphins insist they never planned to draft him so why would they use this ploy. Still, Quinn insists somebody sent Weis the hat and Quinn was sold that his NFL future would shift to the Fort Lauderdale area.

No change this year

Despite the brouhaha from Monday night's game regarding the use of a timeout to ice the kicker at the end of the game, the league addressed it this week in internal meetings but will NOT change the rule this year.

It will likely be discussed during the off-season. My guess is the first time a kicker misses the field goal but is given another chance and nails the second one is when we stop hearing people scream about it.

Jay Glazer is a Senior NFL Writer for FOXSports.com on MSN and also appears regularly as a sideline reporter during telecasts of the NFL on FOX.

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