Fantasy Mailbox - Week 7

Welcome to the Week 7 edition of the NFL Fantasy Mailbox! As the 2007 season progress, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : SFF, I read a question/answer a couple of weeks ago where you told someone to consider trading one of their many Dallas Cowboy players to diversify their roster. I have the same situation, but with several New England Patriots on my team. Not surprisingly, my team is undefeated. Do you have the same advice for me? Our trade deadline is Halloween.

Ian C. - Burlington, VT

Even though the Patriots are dominating, the situation is different. Reason? - The Indianapolis Colts. Providing that both teams keep playing at the same level, the Colts and Patriots may continue to have something to play for (home field advantage) down to the final game (which may be unlike the Dallas situation in the NFC despite the recent loss to the Pats).

The Colts and Patriots play each other on November 4th in Indy...and both could be unbeaten heading into that game. Not sure who wins the home field advantage battle, but the winner will in essence gain an immediate 2 game lead for home field advantage in the AFC (since head-to-head is the tiebreaker and the loser will be a game down).

If your trade deadline was after Nov. 4th (Pats @ Colts), then I'd advise you diversify your roster if the Pats win. But with your deadline on Halloween, there is no way of knowing what will happen in that game. If you keep your roster intact and loaded with Patriots, then your best bet is for the Colts to beat the Patriots in Indy. Otherwise, your fantasy roster may see many benchings in weeks 16/17 (your fantasy superbowl).



Q : Just saw the breaking news today where Michael Bennett is heading to Tampa and Chris Chambers is heading to San Diego. Which of these guys should I attempt to get? Thanks!

Rudy N. - Philadelphia, PA

Chris Chambers has the best chance of instant success in San Diego. He immediately becomes the top wide receiver (not counting TE Antonio Gates) in one of the league's top offenses. Although I believe Chris Chambers has been overrated at times in the fantasy world, the move to San Diego finally gives him a chance to live up to inflated expectations. Norv Turner had a chance to coach Chambers while offensive coordinator in Miami and knows what he's getting...plan on Turner to immediately work Chambers into the Charger offense.

As for Bennett, he is also a nice pickup. But Bennett may take a couple of weeks to learn the situation in Tampa Bay. With capable Earnest Graham already on the field for the Bucs, Bennett is not expected to immediately produce...since he'll likely be eased into the offense. As always, running backs are a premium in FFLs. Michael Bennett's move to Tampa improves his situation to the point of certain production on some level...but the degree of production is a guess with Graham presently in the backfield.



Q : Hello Freak. I need some bye week advice. We are allowed to pick our top guys each week. Since LaDainian Tomlinson is on a bye week, I'm going with Joseph Addai and don't know who to put as my second running back. Larry Johnson? Willie Parker? What do you think?

Jennifer H. - Iowa City, IA

Hello Jennifer. I like the Addai choice, but would go with Reggie Bush as my other running back this week. The Saints are finally showing signs of last season and Bush is a huge part of that offense. Bush had 43% of the offensive touches in the Seattle win and there is no reason to believe Bush will have anything but a further escalation in numbers. Brees, Bush, and the New Orleans Saints should dominate Atlanta in week 7.



Q : I have been sent several trade offers for Andre Johnson since placing him on our league's "needs and available" page. Which of these do I accept? Thomas Jones, Bernard Berrian, Cedric Benson, Jeremy Shockey, or Brian Griese.

Arnold P. - Wheeling, WV

None of them. Andre will be back (possibly in week 7) and is one of the premier WRs in the league. Jones is probably the best bet of your listed offers, but no way do I trade Andre Johnson for whom you've been offered.



Q : Who do I start in week 7 between Steve McNair, Brian Griese, and David Garrard?

Gary P. - Houston, TX

McNair is likely OUT for week you a choice between Griese and Garrard.

Go with Griese against the Eagles.



Q : Hello Freak! Love your stuff! Which two of these five would you target for keepers next season? Marshawn Lynch, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Jackson, Kellen Winslow, and Brady Quinn

Hawthorn N. - Durham, NC

Lynch is the real deal. Winslow should also be on your roster next season as he will continue to help bring the Browns out of the offensive gutter and contribute numbers typical of a top ten rated wide receiver.



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