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Former pro scout Tom Marino ranks the 32 teams as many of them prepare for Week 7 action. Take a look at who's rising and who's slipping and then talk about it in our team fan forums!

2007 Power Rankings: Week 6
  TW LW Team Comments
1 (1) Patriots
Anyone who thinks differently will be forced to watch the Rams on their NFL ticket for the remainder of the season. Still think there a few holes in the defensive secondary.
2 (3) Colts
Bye week hopefully helped the walking wounded get ready for a critical stretch. This is a workmanlike, experienced and talented team on both sides of the ball.
3  (2) Cowboys
Tough last-second victory on Monday night had some carryover in loss to league's best Patriots. Like the Pats, if the Cowboys have an Achilles heel it's at the safety position.
(4) Steelers
New-look Steelers are playing very much like the Steelers of old. Just don't see them as having the firepower to match up with the iron in the AFC.
(5) Packers
The team's total inability to run the ball will be the Packers' undoing at seasons end. Offense has looked out of sync over the past two games, but it's hard to argue with a 5-1 record.
 (6) Chargers
Watch out, the Chargers appear to have awakened from their early-season snooze. L.T. put the offense on his back last week, which doesn't bode well for future opponents.
(7) Jaguars
Jaguars appear to be hitting their stride on both sides of the ball. QB Garrard has yet to throw an interception and defense has been particularly stingy defending the run.
(8) Ravens
It's all about winning, but talk about putting people to sleep. If the Ravens offense was pitted against their defense, I'm wondering if this team would ever score.
(11) Redskins
Hard-luck Redskins could well be undefeated one-third of the way through the season. McIntosh, Fletcher and rookie Landry have been very impressive for the defense.
10  (18) Panthers
Hard to figure this club competing given the QB situation. Hats off to Vinny Testaverde on his performance just four days on the job. Rookie LB Jon Beason has been impressive.
11  (13) Giants
Giants have scored 66 points over the past two week versus two weak opponents. Scoring 30-plus after the bye versus the 49ers would go a long way toward making me a believer.
12  (15) Buccaneers
A QB can't play much better than veteran Jeff Garcia, who has yet to throw his first interception of the season. A lot is expected from newly acquired Bennett at the RB spot.
13  (14) Lions
I'm not concerned with the Lions offense's potential, but expected a far better showing from a defensive unit two years into the system.
14  (10) Seahawks
Seattle has struggled offensively all season. Neither Alexander nor Morris have played well and Branch hasn't proven to be the bell-cow receiver the Seahawks expected.
15  (16) Titans
Titans -- and in particular injured (quad) QB Vince Young -- have really struggled over the past two weeks. Don't see a lot of offensive weapons, but don't take this squad lightly.
16  (20) Eagles
The Eagles have critical injuries in the secondary that could pose a problem. Kevin Curtis leads the receivers while Westbrook is the team's heart and soul offensively.
17  (17) Texans
Texans running game is nonexistent. Passing game minus Andre Johnson has been seriously compromised. Ryans continues to lead a disappointing defensive unit.
18  (9) Bears
On their way to joining the teams that played in the Super Bowl and then failed to qualify for the playoffs the next season. Loss to the underachieving Eagles could be devastating.
19  (19) Cardinals
The Cardinals are on a pace to do something they have seldom done in the last quarter century -- make the playoffs. Real problems at QB position could spell trouble.
20  (23) Browns
Browns offense has been nothing short of sensational. Derek Anderson has been equally impressive since being handed the QB reins. Defense continues to struggle.
21  (26) Chiefs
Larry Johnson broke through the century mark last weekend for the first time this season, but he'll have to pick it up in the second half for KC to have any chance.
22  (12) Bengals
Cincy has been a major disappointment, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. Team lacks mental toughness and with few exceptions have already mailed it in.
23  (21) Broncos
After a decade of contending, it appears Denver is in the proverbial rebuilding cycle. Brandon Marshall is emerging as one of the league's top young receiving prospects.
24  (28) Saints
What happened to the Saints vaunted pass rush? Brees emerged last week from a season-long slump and Bush had a productive first half in an upset over Seattle.
25  (27) Vikings
Peterson, Peterson and more Peterson. Passing game is a joke, blue-chip WR prospect Troy Williamson has regressed. LB E.J. Henderson is having a monster season.
26  (24) Raiders
Have seen some week-to-week improvement, but this 2007 Raiders club still has a very long way to go. Defensive front is not putting enough pressure on the quarterback.
27  (25) Bills
Like the way the team has rallied around rookie QB Trent Edwards and the way he has responded. The Bills need to get WR Lee Evans far more involved.
28  (22) 49ers
Offense has never gotten on track and has been a major disappointment. Rookie Patrick Willis keys the defense and barring injury is a shoe-in for NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.
29  (30) Falcons
Much-maligned Joey Harrington isn't the reason Atlanta is 1-5. The offensive line can't protect and it appears Warrick Dunn is in the twilight of a great career.
30  (29) Jets
Vertical threat Laveranues Coles is floundering in this lateral, glorified handoff offense. It's never a good sign when a corner is leading your team in tackles.
31  (32) Dolphins
Trading your leading receiver at the midpoint is a sure sign that you've written off the year. Expect Miami to be a big player in the J.P. Losman free-agent show this offseason.
32  (31) Rams
Even with the return of Marc Bulger, this thing could get downright ugly very soon. Defense has hung in there for the most part, but is far from a top unit within the league.

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