Fantasy Mailbox - Week 8

Is it time to trade Joseph Addai? Should you add Packers WR Koren Robinson to your roster? Get the answers to these questions and much more in this week's Fantasy Mailbox.

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Welcome to the Week 8 edition of the NFL Fantasy Mailbox! As the 2007 season progress, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.


Q : I just watched the Monday Night Football game and now I'm worried. I am a Joseph Addai owner, but Kenton Keith appears to be playing the role Dominic Rhodes had last season. Should I trade Addai before everyone else catches on?

Eric W. - Louisville, KY

Hello Eric. Don't read too much into the spelling of Addai by Keith on MNF (the same applies to Marvin Harrison owners). Addai was eased into the game after a week 5 injury (same with Harrison) and coach Tony Dungy was soundly cautious after 2 weeks off. With the Colts dominating the game, there was no reason to push either player. Expect Addai to be huge down the stretch as he plays the lead RB in one of the NFL's top offenses.



Q : Freak! I just read where Koren Robinson is now with he Packers as of this week and also read where Ricky Williams may be reinstated soon. Is either a good pickup? I probably could afford one roster spot, but don't know which (if any) I should get. Any help? And by the way, I'm winning my league thanks to your preseason advice on Tom Brady and the Patriots. Thanks man!

Att L. - Anderson, IN

You read correctly. Koren Robinson may actually play on Monday. However, expect the Packers to initially utilize Robinson on special teams. If a roster spot is available (and since you are winning your league), then yes...I think Robinson is worth a flier. Hopefully he's learned from his bitter off-field lessons and is able to hold onto the ball in Green Bay - he certainly has a load of natural talent.

As for Ricky Williams, nothing is certain. If/when he is reinstated, who knows if/when he plays or how he'll do. Quite possibly Miami will cut Williams or trade him to another team. I wouldn't advise grabbing Williams unless absolutely desperate. Maybe he's worth grabbing for a keeper roster spot, but won't likely help much this season.



Q : Eli Manning or Peyton Manning, Dallas Clark or Heath Miller, Braylon Edwards or Jerricho Cotchery? Thanks Freak!

Erika S. - Vancouver, BC

Hi Erika. So how do you get both Mannings on the same fantasy team? Both Mannings have a great matchup and will do exstremely well, so watch the weather and wait until later in the the week to make your decision here. Play Dallas Clark over Heath Miller and Braylon Edwards over Jerricho Cotchery.



Q : I originally drafted Donovan McNabb as my quarterback and grabbed Derek Anderson as the backup. What would you do in week 8?

Brian H. - Rochester, NY

I'd play Anderson with confidence.

Let's discuss McNabb for a second. Take away his 381 yard / 4 TD performance against the Lions and McNabb has just 3 TDs in his 5 other games (while averaging only 213 yards per game).



Q : Fantasy Freak, Alex Smith is coming back for the Niners in week 8 and I'm thinking of using him as a bye week replacement. Do I go with Smith or play Brian Griese (who I haven't had the guts to play)?

Tom A. - Marietta, GA

Smith is no lock to play. And even if he does, Griese is a much better fantasy start. Griese has looked like a season veteran the past few weeks and gets a great matchup this week against the Lions.



Q : Our league allows us to substitute tight ends as wide receivers. Am I crazy to play Jason Witten, Antonio Gates, and Dallas Clark instead of wide receivers? I got all of these guys cheap in our auction since the owners in our league have a mindset that TEs can't produce like a decent wide receiver.

Wendell P. - Springfield, IL

Here are some statistics on Witten, Gates, and Clark when 2007 receiving stats are considered (including TEs, RBs, and WRs): Witten - 42/540/4 (ranked 9th) / Gates - 43/547/3 (ranked 12th) / Clark - 30/366/6 (ranked 13th)

Basically, this means that Witten, Gates, and Clark are the 9th, 12th, and 13th most productive receiving fantasy players to date. My guess is that not too many owners in your league have been able to match the production of Witten, Gates, and Clark...especially since your trio of tight ends are all in the top 15 in receiving production through week 7.



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