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Former pro scout Tom Marino ranks the 32 teams as many of them prepare for Week 8 action. Take a look at who's rising and who's slipping and then talk about it in our team fan forums!

2007 Power Rankings: Week 7
  TW LW Team Comments
1 (1) Patriots
We'll likely find out next week, but the Patriots appear to be the class of a small group of quality NFL clubs. Enjoy it, but don't get too spoiled NE fans, nothing lasts forever.
2 (2) Colts
The Colts are undefeated at the midpoint (what else is new). This is an experienced game ready football club that isn't inclined to look ahead beyond the game at hand.
3  (3) Cowboys
The Cowboys are a very talented team that should continue to improve each week. Romo has experienced some midseason growing pains, but continues to show great progress.
(5) Packers
Favre is proof that an old dog can learn new tricks (dink-and-dunk offense), but I can't see the Packers doing as well in the second half of the season without a running game.
 (6) Chargers
Lets hope this week's distractions don't short-circuit the high-flying Chargers. And let's hear it for the many unsung heroes and people effected by the Southern California fires.
(4) Steelers
Defense didn't play up to standard versus Denver, while offense showed that it doesn't have quick scoring, come from behind scoring potential.
(7) Jaguars
Want to see how important a quarterback is to the success of a franchise? You could well get your answer this week versus the cross-state rival Bucs.
(15) Titans
Eight field goals! Not bad for a free agent placekicker. Nobody in the league has done more with less then this talented group of coaches.
(9) Redskins
This is a much improved football club, but just what were they thinking in the closing moments of last Sunday's victory over the wounded Cardinals?
10  (11) Giants
They've played well over the last five weeks, but the schedule included the Jets, Falcons, 49ers, and Eagles. Up next, the Dolphins ... and maybe even 0-7 Florida International.
11  (10) Panthers
Which Panthers team is going to show up against the Colts? Lack of consistency and injuries at the QB position don't paint a pretty picture for the second half of the 2007 season.
12  (13) Lions
The Lions were outplayed last week in Tampa Bay, but hung in there and brought home a victory. Is there any doubt that Mike Martz is the top offensive mind in the game today?
13  (14) Seahawks
Don't get too excited with last week's victory over the Rams, Seahawks fans. You may as well have been playing Puget Sound University. Ground game needs to be fixed.
14  (12) Buccaneers
No QB has been as responsible for his team's success as Jeff Garcia in 2007. If running game can come around, the Bucs could factor in the second half.
15  (8) Ravens
Defense holds the key for the future of the Ravens, but second half schedule doesn't bode well for them. Willis McGahee has impressed in his first season with the Ravens.
16  (18) Bears
The Bears' 97-yard winning TD drive versus the Eagles was a thing to behold and could jumpstart this underachieving club, but they don't have enough offensive firepower.
17  (17) Texans
After a fast start, Houston has struggled over the last month and hasn't yet won within their division. And no, Sage Rosenfels, last week's near-hero is not the answer at the QB position.
18  (20) Browns
The Browns a road favorite at the midpoint of the 2007 season? What's next, the Indians making the 2007 playoffs and a former prep player from Akron leading the NBA in scoring?
19  (16) Eagles
The Eagles should rebound this week versus quite possibly the worst passing offense in the league.  But make no mistake about it, this club is in a heap of trouble.
20  (23) Broncos
The Broncos, coming off a big upset victory over the Steelers, may finally have found in the Packers a club that won't run over, through and around their leaky run defense.
21  (21) Chiefs
Even with 4 wins in the past 5 weeks and first place in the AFC West, I am still not a big believer in this football club. Quarterback play (or lack of it) is still a critical concern.
22  (27) Bills
I find myself rooting for this overachieving young club and in particular their future star QB Trent Edwards. If they can avoid injuries they should finish a distant second in the AFC East.
23  (22) Bengals
With injuries and a lack of leadership on both sides of the ball, this team should continue to flounder. The Bengals were lucky to pull out a victory over the lowly Jets.
24  (19) Cardinals
Who made that final "Arena League" call on the two-point conversion last week? Even with a gutsy performance by Kurt Warner, the Cardinals fell short ... so what else is new.
25  (24) Saints
The Saints were lucky to emerge with a home victory versus a poor football team. Even with two consecutive victories and the 49ers next, I still don't like their chances the rest of the way.
26  (25) Vikings
I really liked Tarvaris Jackson's playing potential as a collegiate prospect at Alabama State, but he is still light years away from leading an NFL club to the promised land.
27  (26) Raiders
The 2007 edition of the Oakland Raiders is far from a good football team. Say, weren't they at the top of the division last week? Get used to this view boys, it's not likely to change.
28  (29) Falcons
Harrington played well while subbing in a losing effort. D'Angelo Hall is a team cancer and may be shooting his mouth off elsewhere in 2008. Bobby Petrino, take control!
29  (28) 49ers
It must be painful for longtime 49ers fans to sit there and watch this so-called offense perform. Many of them must be asking, "when do we play the Rams again?"
30  (30) Jets
A change at QB will have little effect on this team. The Jets are not playing well on either side of the ball. This is what happens when non-football people make football decisions
31  (31) Dolphins
The Patriots felt sorry for Miami in the second half last week. Losing Ronnie Brown only adds to this club's woes. Might want to leave this bunch in Europe and start over again.
32  (32) Rams
Hate to say it, but this team is offensively bankrupt and spinning out of control. Entering a bye week, a loss at home to Cleveland could spell the end of the line for Scott Linehan.

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