Fantasy Mailbox - Week 9

Is it time to trade Randy Moss? Will Ryan Grant become a fantasy stud in Green Bay? Get the answers to these questions and much more in this week's Fantasy Mailbox.

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Welcome to the Week 9 edition of the NFL Fantasy Mailbox! As the 2007 season progress, we will select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

Q : Freak, I currently have Chad Johnson. Do you think Johnson for Plaxico Burress is a legitimate trade?  Our 16 team keeper league (we can hold 4, mine were Johnson, Moss, Westbrook, and McAllister) scores WR’s on receptions over 5, yardage over 100, and for TD’s.  I also have Eli Manning as another consideration in the trade.  Sometimes the QB to WR combo can be good, but sometimes detrimental.  Your thoughts on this would be appreciated!


Shane S. - Martinsburg, WV

Aside from the fact that Burress has been incredible this season and is a tempting trade, there are a couple of other issues here:

Burress isn't practicing and will likely have ankle problems all season (making him a bit more of an injury risk vs. someone with a healthy ankle) -AND- Johnson has already had his bye week with Burress siting this weekend.

Possibly the most important determining factor in considering a potential CJ for Plaxico trade is when you consider Cincy's schedule in weeks 14-17 (your fantasy playoffs). I'm not sure it gets any better for Palmer, T.J., and Chad... ADVANTAGE CHAD JOHNSON

Take care and good luck Shane!



Q : Hello. I've been riding Eli Manning all season and he's paid off. With his bye coming up, I need a QB for week 9. Which of these options should I grab as a bye week replacement? - J.P. Losman, Damon Huard, Kurt Warner, Chad Pennington

Ronald W. - Birmingham, AL

Grab Warner and be fortunate he's still available in your league.



Q : Hey Freak. I'm in a salary cap league and am considering dropping Steven Jackson to free up some cash to get Ryan Grant off of waivers. I know Jackson didn't quite lay an egg in week 8, but he still got hurt and he's on a bye this week. Grant looked good and has been named the starter. What's the risk? By the way, I'm still winning my league.

Aiden J. - Lynchburg, VA

Thanks Aiden. Grant (Green Bay's RB that came out of nowhere and looked impressive while rushing for over 100 yards on a MNF debut) isn't the next Marshall Faulk...but yes, he has been named the Packers starter for week 9. The Pack is playing surprisingly impressive in 2007, but I don't think you drop Steven Jackson just to get Grant off the wire. Sure, Jackson has been a disappointment - but he is still one of the top RBs in football and is hopeful to be healed enough to play in week 10.

The fact that you are leading your fantasy league is more of a reason to keep Jackson and leave Grant on waivers. SJax is much more likely to be a producer in your fantasy playoffs than Grant.



Q : Fantasy Freak, I've been offered a trade and would like your advice. I'm in a keeper league and another owner wants to send me Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Jackson, and Selvin Young FOR Shaun Alexander, Maurice Morris, and Jerricho Cotchery. We have a salary cap, so some things had to be adjusted to make the money work. The other owner is a big Seattle homer, but I'm thinking of doing the trade. I also have Marshawn Lynch and Laurence Maroney at running back. And Cotchery is my 4th best wide receiver, so I'm not worried there. What do you think.

Steven B. - Portland, OR

Hi Steven. Given the fact that it's a keeper league and you also have Lynch and Maroney, I'd definitely jump on this deal. Even with Alexander, you may be playing Lynch & Maroney over Alex the rest of the season. Upon completion of the trade, this year's team will be good. But imagine having Lynce, Maroney, Young, and Jackson next season! And...rookie Dyayne Bowe is a phenominal rookie WR and may be the best keeper of the trio in this deal.



Q : Hey Freak! I have been riding Randy Moss all year and am now thinking about trading him based on something you said (which made total sense). As I understand it - if the Pats beat the Colts this weekend, then Moss will probably be benched in weeks 15-17 (my fantasy playoffs) since New England will be way ahead in the home field advantage race. And to make matters worse, Moss and the Patriots have a bye in week 10. I guess my only question now I trade Moss before the Colts game or after?

Jason Y. - Jefferson City, MO

You pretty much have it figured out Jason. But, don't think for a second that the Pats are a lock to beat Indy. As for weeks 15-17, another factor has entered the equation....Brady's run at the passing TD record. Nothing is for sure, but from what I saw this past weekend - Belichick and Brady will be throwing to Moss in the final weeks of the season if the passing record is still achievable (even if a meaningless game for home field advantage). Given this, Moss may be worth holding until the end.

Moss' value is at its highest point right now and would bring some excellent value in return. But, he won't bring as much next week with the obvious New England bye in week 10 (regardless of who wins this weekend). I think you'll be fine either way...and thank Brady for that.



Q : Got a kicker question for you Freak. I need to grab one off the waiver wire and I'm considering one of these three: Nate Kaeding, Jason Elam, and John Carney

Cindy B.. - Boca Raton, FL

Oh, I don't know...I think I'd grab Kaeding with the way San Diego has been scoring. I guess I'm surprised he's still on your wire.

Thanks for the question and good luck Cindy!



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