Scouts Notebook: Wisconsin/Indiana

TFY friend and Midwest scout Brent Foshee took in this Big Ten match-up live from Bloomington last Saturday, a game with a surprising and furious ending. It was also a contest that will offer several late round and free agent rookies during draft weekend next April.



Bloomington, Indiana 10/12


Bobby Brandt/T/71- Holds his position in pass blocking but does not sustain his blocks. Seems to have trouble with speed rushers and was beaten with both inside and outside moves for sacks/pressures. Has trouble moving defensive linemen in run blocking situations. Overall he mostly appears to engage his man and hold him to one spot for a short amount of time. Blocks with his arms and he appears to play rather high.

AC Carter/CB- Moved to FS after Bethel injury. Good open field tackler and shows good instincts in attacking both the run and pass. Can be beaten with double moves and he doesn't always seem to pursue opposing ball carriers across the field. Effective in blitzing situations, but he's far from a playmaker in that role. Was called for one PI penalty on a third and long when simply tackling the WR would have resulted in a 4th down. Had some trouble as a kick return man. Needs to play with more discipline/consistency.

Enoch DeMar/OL/70- Played LT all day. Inconsistent in pass protection. On one play he will engulf and dominate his man. On the next play he will miss his man entirely. While he is adept at blocking in space he may not be consistent enough to play on the left side at the next level. Got very little push in the run game though they didn't run to his side often. He also appears to be late recognizing, or at least reacting to, blitzes and allowed unneeded pressure on the QB on several occasions.

Brian Lewis/RB/3- Not fast but he did a great job coming out of the backfield in the passing game.  After fumbling the ball on IU's first play he came back and had a great game, including a nifty 60-70 yard TD that was called back in the first half.  He did a decent job running, but as I said he isn't very fast and IU's line did a poor job of giving him holes to run through.

A.C. Myler/T/62- Played LG. Moves, or at least turns, his man in run blocking situations, but he has problems holding his ground in the passing game. While he plays low he may be more of a leaner that lets his body weight get in front of him.

Isaac Sowells/OL/76- He played at DT in third and short situations and did a very nice job of holding his ground.  He's listed at 299, but he looked like the biggest guy on the field.  At least on the IU side.


Kalvin Barrett/G/58- Practiced with the second team at OG. Huge guy, even from 150 yards.

Dan Buening/G/67- Started at OG, opened up holes in the running game all day and showed the speed to get outside.  Unlike Clinkscale he was able to seal off his man from making the play once he got outside.Honestly I thought he looked like UW's second best lineman for the day, behind Ben Johnson.

Jonathan Clinkscale/G/50- Does show some ability to get outside. He was also effective at opening holes in the run game.

Ben Johnson/T/72- Chubby. Had some problems with blitzing LB's and DB's. Fast enough feet to contain most DE's that rush outside, or at least the ones at IU. Holds his ground well and opened up several nice cutback lanes for the UW RB's. Still he may not be quick enough to play LT in the NFL.

Al Johnson/C/64- Shows little ability to get to the second level. Either he does not stay with his blocks, or he isn't good enough to stay with his blocks as he was constantly beaten unless he had help from a guard.

Jason Jowers/T/56- Quick enough to get to the 2nd level when asked to, and does a good job of mirroring his man in pass blocking situations.

Jim Leonhard/DB/18- Played very well, he had a nice pick at the start of the second half, and was generally good in both tackling and coverage.

Jake Sprague/DE/99- Relentless pass rusher who makes up for lack of physical skills with his superb effort. Has the ability to get both penetration inside and pressure outside in pass rush situations. Does little more than occupy a blocker in rushing situations and shows no ability to come off a block, or even hold his ground, in those situations.

Scott Starks/CB/2- Excellent open field tackler that shows the ability to stay with his man across the field. Has trouble in man off situations but is never too far from his man.

BJ Tucker/CB/23- Can not come off of any blocks. Has trouble with both tackling and coverage in the open field. Does not look fluid in his backpedal and in fact comes out of it early leaving him susceptible to double moves. His flaws appear to be correctable, but he shows little aggression and appears very slow to react to action in front of him at times.

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