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2007 Power Rankings: Week 11
  TW LW Team Comments
1 (1) Patriots
Barring a major injury to Brady, the Patriots will become the second NFL team to go undefeated for an entire regular season. Unsung hero? A very underrated offensive line.
2  (2) Cowboys
Both the Patriots and the Redskins have exposed the Cowboys' Achilles heel to the rest of the NFL. Marginal safety play in coverage.
(5) Packers
Okay, it's taken me awhile, but I am now officially a believer in spite of them having no running game. The principle reason is Mr. Brett Favre.
4 (3) Colts
Injuries are expected and are very much a part of the game, but what the Colts have experienced in recent weeks has been catastrophic.
(8) Jaguars
Garrard's return gives the Jags stability on offense, but the loss of leading tackler Mike Peterson (broken hand) and possibly Rashean Mathis could be devastating.
(4) Steelers
The Steelers had few answers for the lowly Jets, who turned the tables on the Steelers by shutting down their running game while controlling the ball and running the ball.
(7) Giants
The Giants came off the deck from their loss to Dallas and shut down the Lions on the road. But injuries to Kiwanuka (broken leg) and Jacobs (hamstring) could prove to be costly.
8  (11) Seahawks
Matt Hasselbeck, receiver D.J. Hackett and a new offensive philosophy (shotgun) proved to be the difference. Defenders Kerney and Hill have been big-play performers. 
(16) Buccaneers
The Bucs were near perfect on both sides of the ball in their win over Atlanta. Don't look now, but the running game along with an opportunistic defense were the keys to victory.
10  (13) Browns
The cardiac kids did it again on the road with special teams making the difference. Joshua Cribbs is developing into an elite returner and Phil Dawson (17 of 20) has been rock solid. 
11  (19) Broncos
Cutler has the skills to lead this franchise — in the not too distant future — back to the promised land. Rookie Selvin Young has provided a spark to the running game. 
12  (14) Redskins
If Jason Campbell can consistently come near his performance versus the Cowboys last Sunday, the Redskins could well contend for a playoff berth.
13  (10) Titans
I love this staff's approach and game preparation, but I also see some offensive problems and limitations that can't be fixed during the current season. 
14  (23) Cardinals
Arizona couldn't run the football and Carson Palmer threw for 329 yards, but Antrel Rolle's 3 picks (2 for TDs) were the difference in this one. At .500, the Cardinals have a real chance. 
15  (6) Lions
Over the next few weeks, we're going to find out what this Detroit Lions team is all about. Ernie Simms is fast developing into outstanding defensive performer. 
16   (9) Chargers
The Chargers have regressed in virtually every offensive category in 2007. Tomlinson rushing for only 54 yards and Gates with just seven receiving yards last week is a total joke. 
17  (12) Bills
The Bills, far and away the second-best club in the AFC East, are light years behind the Patriots in every aspect of the game on both sides of the football. 
18  (24) Texans
A healthy Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson give the Texans a distinctly different look offensively. LBs Greenwood and Ryans key a fast-improving young defensive unit.
19  (17) Bears
The Bears are once again proving that lack of depth combined with injuries makes it very difficult to make a repeat appearance in the playoffs let alone "The Game." 
20  (18) Eagles
Led by outstanding all-purpose back Brian Westbrook and backup QB A.J. Feeley, the Eagles mounted a second-half comeback to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. 
21  (20) Panthers
Vinny's numbers were respectable, but misleading. His early miscues (2 picks, 2 fumbles) made it impossible for his team to recover. Secondary has been suspect at best. 
22  (25) Vikings
Although the Vikings' playoff chances are essentially over, backup RB Chester Taylor (164 yards, 3 TDs) and the slow-developing Tarvaris Jackson show promise.
23  (22) Bengals
Marvin Lewis' days could be numbered. Possible replacements include veterans Martz, Schottenheimer or current flavor-of-the-month Jason Garrett. 
24  (26) Ravens
Possible replacements for the soon to be retired Steve McNair and likely to be jettisoned Kyle Boller are JP Losman, Daunte Culpepper and maybe -- at the right price -- Marc Bulger. 
25  (15) Saints
The Saints reverted back to a dink & dunk lateral passing offense. Bad news for fans in the Big Easy; your franchise RB can't run between the tackles or make people miss. 
26  (21) Chiefs
The Chiefs' 29th-ranked offense is aging and is seriously overmatched. Only TE Tony Gonzalez and rookie WR Dwayne Bowe have played to a championship level. 
27  (29) Rams
After an opening-drive touchdown, the Rams' offensive game plan was essentially, "don't turn the ball over." That philosophy might not work versus the division-leading Seahawks. 
28  (27) Falcons
After consecutive wins, Falcons coach Bobby Patrino made a QB change to Byron Leftwich. Two picks, two fumbles and 3 sacks later, he was replaced by Harrington (16-20 and a TD). 
29  (30) Jets
The Jets got off the snide with a well-earned victory over the Steelers. Was it real, or was it Memorex? We'll find out soon enough between helpings of turkey and cranberry sauce. 
30  (28) Raiders
The bad news is I don't see another win on the schedule. The good news is the Commissioner announcing their selection of Arkansas RB Darren McFadden next April.
31  (32) Dolphins
The Dolphins have hung in there and come close in their last three contests. But in the end, the name of the game is wins. Could be a "One and Done" for coach Cam Cameron. 
32  (31) 49ers
Since their opening two wins, the 49ers have averaged less then 10 points a game and are last in total offense. Mike Nolan and his staff will be hard-pressed to survive this nightmare.

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