Week 13 NFL Picks

Former pro scout Tom Marino takes a look at the lineup of NFL games for Week 13 and makes his picks. Check out his predictions and then talk about them on your favorite team's fan forum!

NFL Week 13 Picks
Last Week: 11-5   Season: 113-63
A great matchup between two very sound football clubs, but home field and a better running game will be the difference in this one for Dallas.
Pick:  Cowboys
Could set the passing game back 20 years. Watch the game within the game; rookie LBs Patrick Willis (49ers) versus the Panthers' Jon Beason.
Pick: Panthers
We are sadly made to realize that in the scheme of things, the game that we have come to so dearly love is not all that important. Rest in peace No. 21...
Pick: Redskins
Titans have lost three straight, but Houston has struggled on enemy turf. Albert Haynesworth's return should upgrade the Titans' leaky run defense.
Pick: Titans
Rams can't protect the QB, Falcons can't rush the passer. Sounds like a marquee matchup. Neither club is going anywhere, but we'll go with Atlanta.
Pick: Falcons
Seahawks were lucky to defeat the Rams, while the Eagles came close to beating the Patriots. Look for Seattle's luck to run out in the City of Brotherly Love.
Pick: Eagles
Kitna is not throwing with authority, the O-line doesn't protect well, and the secondary was embarrassing. Vikings make it three straight at home.
Pick: Vikings
Should be a lot closer than it was in Week 7, but even with their injuries I look for this veteran Colts club to win at home and solidify their AFC South lead.
Pick: Colts
If the Chargers hand the ball off to LT, throw to Gates, and allow Merriman and Phillips to pressure from the outside, K.C. will drop their fifth straight.
Pick: Chargers
The Dolphins have hung in there, losing 6 of 11 games by 3 points this year. Barring another typhoon, I like their chances at home this week.
Pick: Dolphins
After losing to Chicago, Denver has to virtually run the table if they are to have any chance of making the playoffs. Denver has won 8 of the last 9 in this series.
Pick: Broncos
The playoff hopes of the Cardinals are riding on this key matchup. I look for a high-scoring affair with the miracle Browns grinding out a key victory on the road.
Pick: Browns
This one is essential to the Saints' chances of overtaking the Bucs in the NFC South. Marques Colston now ranks third in the NFC in receiving.
Pick: Saints
Giants won't allow Hester to impact this battle, but if the Bears can apply consistent defensive pressure, the G-men could lose their second straight game.
Pick: Bears
Bengals held the Titans to 61 rushing yards last week, but don't look for a repeat versus the Steelers, who only lead the Browns by a single game.> Pick: Steelers
Even at home, this one could be over early for a Ravens squad that has lost five consecutive games — if the Patriots can apply early defensive pressure.
Pick: Patriots

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